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Facilities Department

The Facilities Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of MCLA facilities and grounds. Facilities strives to maintain a functional and attractive campus environment conducive to learning. 

What we do:

  • Building maintenance and repair

  • Minor renovations and alterations

  • Maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems

  • Grounds Maintenance (including athletic fields, landscaping and campus lighting)

  • Housekeeping (custodial work) and related services

  • Steam Plant operations

  • Energy Management

  • Environmental Compliance and Stewardship

  • Recycling

  • Campus Construction


Facilities is pleased to announce that the MCLA campus (including residence areas), has contracted with a new company who practices single stream recycling. Single stream recycling allows for ALL recyclable materials to be placed in the same recycling container. You no longer need to separate metal, plastic and glass from paper. Our hope is that this change will result in an increased amount that is recycled, therefore reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfill. Read more

Support Staff

The support staff coordinates and controls the many duties necessary to keep information flowing through the department. Routinely, staff efforts are required in the finance, payroll, work order, accounting (accounts payable), vendor control, key control, record keeping areas, as well as a host of special projects. 

This group also is our Work Reception Desk, where all work requests are processed and tracked via School Dude.


Find Us
The Facilities Administration Offices are located in Townhouse No. 4.  The individual shops are located in the Brewer Perkins Building on Ashland Street. Maintainers for specific buildings are located in those buildings.

Need help?
As a part of MCLA's business organization, the Facilities Director reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Any questions regarding facilities services may be referred to the Work Reception Desk at extension 5099.

Summer 2013 facilities projects

Have a project request?

Facilities Helpline:

  • 413.662.5099
  • 413.662.5259

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Did You Know?

The steam plant is operated 24/7 for roughly nine months a year, providing heat to most campus buildings during the school year.  Depending on the weather, the steam plant shuts down for the summer, and steam plant workers are assigned to other divisions as needed.

Contact Us:

Chuck Kimberling  Director

George Galli 
Associate Director

Diana Twomey

Paula Roy