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MCLA Gallery 51 : Threaded

ThreadedTweeks and twists on tradition and use, straddling the fine line of "craft" and "art", "Threaded" features a variety of unconventional objects and spaces made from fabric, yarn and thread.

"There is something innately approachable, touchable and available about textiles: they are made to be pliable, manipulated altered, to fit the form of the body or object they conceal or reveal.   Reaching for the materials at hand the artists in Threaded communicate their thoughts on gender, isolation, love, and a desire for human connection.  The works speak about being soft and flexible.  They are held together by string." -curators Ven Voisey & Angela Zammarelli

Local and national artists participating in this exhibit include:

Timothy Abel: "I am in constant remaking; my process is that of constant revision and recall in the hope of moving forward as I circle back." Tim Abel holds a Master's of Arts in Art Therapy from New York University and is currently an early childhood art educator at the Kohl Children's Museum just north of Chicago.

Karylee Doubiago: After her dreadful attempts at quilting took her away from the art form for nearly 15 years, Karylee Doubiago is once again quilting. "My quilts are a mix of photography, paints and dyes, thread work and fabric manipulation. I utilize whatever technique it requires to tell the complete story."

Michael Gaughan: With a Master of Arts Education from the University of Minnesota, Michael Gaughan was a visiting artist at the Walker Art Center and a winner of the Jerome Grant for Emerging Artists.

Olivia Park: From San Francisco, CA to Williamstown, MA, Olivia Park received her Bachelor of Art from Williams College. She wants to be a surgeon, a psychiatrist, a neurologist, an architect, a writer,a teacher. So she makes things.

Carla Michel: "My quilts combine several of my loves: printmaking, collage, American history and dump-picking." A fabric collage artist from South Hadley, MA, Carla is a graduate from Swain School of Design, and holds a BFA in Painting and Printmaking. She is also a graduate from Pedigree Institute of Dog Grooming and is a Poodle Book Award Winner.

emmett ramstad: "Bodies are in process. Like a scar healing, there are new layers of meaning perpetually created within our skin. I am exploring this process of becoming." emmett ramstad just completed his MFA at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is currently living in Oakland, CA.

Molly Roth: Molly Roth is an artist living in Chicago. In her artist statement she says: "I want to, I always want to, but it means that I need you, that I need something, and I want to be something that needs nothing."

Stephen St. Francis Decky: Stephen St. Francis Decky characters are born in acrylic paints then later brought out into the real world as hand-sewn dolls. These dolls are then placed on sets and either photographed or filmed back into that other world.

Ven Voisey: Ven Voisey is a multi-disciplinary artist and MCLA Gallery 51 Gallery Manager. "When I was a kid, I had a bird named Sammy. Sammy was a cockatiel. Throughout his long days in his cage, he often picked at his feathers. Every once and a while, he would violently shiver, and his loose feathers would fall out through the rungs of the cage, and onto the ground."

Melissa Wagner-Lawler: A printmaker, sculptor and book artist based, Melissa Wagner-Lawler currently teaches at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Melissa's newest line of work (fictional accidents made by 'crafty' processes) was fueled by her morbid curiosity and fascination for the grotesque.

Anna Weber: Anna Weber currently lives and works in Boise, Idaho. Weber is primarily a self-taught artist, having studied one year at PNCA (2005-2006). Her bodies of work have included costumery, puppetry, and sculpture in addition to painting, gilding, drawing, and serigraph.

Angela Zammarelli: Angela Zammarelli received her MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is currently based in Northampton. "I like play and the idea of it being a portal to other worlds and dimensions."

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