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MCLA Gallery 51 : This Blue Marble, the Universe of Josh Simpson

This exhibition will feature new and old celestial-inspired pieces, as well as look into the artist's process and his Infinity Project. Inspired by natural landscapes and the demanding traits of his medium, Simpsons work
is complex and intricate. Utilizing balance and light, his work evokes the wonder of the universe into glass.

The exhibition of Simpson's work has been a collaborative project among MCLA Arts Management and Art students. Students have been involved from the beginning including helping in the curatorial process, install, and marketing.

Simpson, whose studio is in Shelburne Falls, Mass., first experimented with glass in 1970 and since then has devoted himself to mastering all aspects of glassmaking. He has found inspiration in NASA images of Earth when creating his "planets": luminous glass spheres encasing kaleidoscopic landscapes, underwater scenes, and vistas of outer space that reflect Earth's vastness and complexity. His work is in the permanent collections of many museums, including the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the White House Collection of American Crafts, and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.