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MCLA Gallery 51

When The Clark undertook the largest renovation project of its history, North Adams based artist Andrew Davis reproduced their world-renowned collection in cardboard so that the curators could plan new installations. Now these cardboard mock-ups are re-presented at MCLA Galery 51 as art objects in their own right. An exhibition within an exhibition, Masters in Cardboard will take viewers on an imaginary trip through The Clark's collection.

"I made these cardboard paintings at the Clark Art  Institute in Williamstown, where I work in the Curatorial Department. Due to renovations, we needed to re-locate nearly 100 paintings from various galleries and install them in a very compressed space. To save the artwork from unnecessary handling, we decided that  I should make stand-ins out of cardboard. We would install them in advance of the actual artwork, to make sure everything worked well," says Andrew Davis, "every mock-up is accurate down to the eighth-inch. They have to be, in
order to do their job. They were also made fairly quickly. We needed accurate sizes and shapes, but it wasn't worth it for me to belabor any details. The project had the unintended consequence of providing the world with a cardboard museum, which you may now enjoy."

Andrew Davis is a painter who also works in mixed media, sculpture, and installation. His work is represented in collections around the world. He formed Davis Art Services as a vehicle to realize creative projects that he wants to see happen. He has organized shows at Sotheby's Beverly Hills, Bonhams Los Angeles, [seven-degrees] Laguna Beach, PRESS Gallery and Branch Gallery in North Adams, and his own Avalon Seafood Gallery and Grass Gallery as part of DownStreet Art. For more information, please visit

Masters in Cardboard runs through March 24. MCLA Gallery 51 is a program of MCLA's Berkshire Cultural Resource Center. It is located at 51 Main St. in downtown North Adams, and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.