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Rich Rehmsburg and Lisa Nilsson - Sailor on Dry Land


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Julia Mandle and Gayle Wells Mandle 


May 29 - June 22, 2014
Reception: Thursday, May 29, 6-8 p.m.

Artists Panel with Professors: Friday, May 30, 5-6:30

MCLA Gallery 51 opens its first summer show  with the work of internationally renowned artists, Gayle Wells Mandle and Julia Mandle. In a dynamic collaboration, the mother/daughter team installs a stunning exhibition that examines socio-economic issues through multiple mediums that include large-scaled photography, painting, drawing, embroidery and sculpture. The Tang Museum at Skidmore in Saratoga Springs will be showing work by the artists concurrently.

MCLA Gallery 51 is a program of MCLA's Berkshire Cultural Resource Center.

The gallery is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is located at 51 Main St. North Adams, MA. For more information, please call (413) 664 8718



Alaa Awad

Organized by Julia Morgan-Leamon

June 26 - July 27

Reception: Thursday, June 26th 6-8p

Alaa Awad, Egyptian painter and muralist, travels for the first time to the United States for a solo exhibition at MCLA Gallery 51. Awad's exhibition of oil and watercolor paintings will open on June 26th in conjunction with the kick-off opening and celebration of DownstreetArt.  A professor of art at Luxor College of Fine Arts, Alaa keeps a studio on  Luxor's West Bank, an Upper Egypt heritage site that's been called the world's greatest open-air museum (Thebes is the ancient name for Luxor). Alaa Awad is well-known in Egypt and Europe for his stunning street murals in downtown Cairo and elsewhere that connect ancient imagery with contemporary issues. As Egypt reels from tremendous change as well as political stagnation, Alaa and other muralists and graffiti artists continue to forge a vibrant visual language that documents the power struggles of the revolution and stormy aftermath, and memorializes those who have been casualties of the upheavals. 


Things You See

Sara Farrell Okamura and Hideyo Okamura

August 28 - October 26

Reception: Thursday, August 28th 6-8p

Sara Farrell Okamura's prints and drawings and Hideyo Okamura's paintings span the possibilities of what you see, but not always what you recognize.

 Sara Farrell Okamura's work reveals multi-layered meanings. Her drawings and prints often lift ordinary objects out of ordinary contexts. In graphic but painterly visuals, the objects might take on other meanings; a simple pattern of cloth can be reconstructed into a symbol for political change or the same cloth might narrate a tale of economic and environment calamity.

Hideyo Okamura asks his viewers to take his painting as is, to experience the visual sensations and the materiality of the paint.  Using oil paint, Hideyo constructs colorful abstract works with simple marks such as circles and lines. Using repetition and overlays, Hideyo is not interested in representation. Rather, Hideyo invites people to look closely and experience the paint, the line, and the construction of the work itself.  

Water&   Earth

A Call to Protect Fragile Ecosystems

October 30 - November 27, 2014

Opening Reception: October 30, 2014, 5-7p


Water & Earth exhibits the artwork of regional, national, and international artists who deal with issues of ecology, the environment, and nature. The show explores the possibility of art reaching deeply into the collective values of culture in order to initiate awareness and agency. Can art suggest ways of healthy engagement with the environment, promote respect for nature, and encourage the use of sustainable materials?  Each of these invited artists provides a personal glimpse of the fragility and uniqueness of the ground on which we live.

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