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Kinodance Company

Kinodance Company
Thursday, September 24, 2009; 6, 7 and 8 p.m.
MCLA Gallery 51 Annex

**Seating is limited so reserve your tickets!

Immerse yourself in art with a multi-sensory performance that will rejuvenate your eye and challenge your perception.  Kinodance Company, an artist collaborative founded in Boston in 1999, creates stage performances, installations and films which make transparent the boundary between dance, cinema and visual art.  Commissioned by DownStreet Art, Kinodance Company will culminate their summer's work in this special gallery performance in their installation The Refractive Kinescope.

"...lush and sensual, mysterious and vivid..." "...surprised and refreshed by every event..." - The Boston Herald  

Kinodance CompanyKinodance Company is an artist collaborative featuring choreographer/dancer Alissa Cardone, filmmaker Alla Kovgan and visual artist Dedalus Wainwright.  It was formed out of passion for the kinetic arts, experimentation and a strong belief in the power of interdisciplinary collaborations.  Since 2004, core members have included choreographer/dancer Ingrid Schatz and lighting designer Kathy Couch.

The Refractive Kinescope is an installation cabinet of curiosities that presents light and the moving image in relation to space and the viewer.  A dark space with sculptural assemblies that incorporate stark, flickering lights, lenses and film and video imagery. One projector beam stares solidly across the space, doggedly claiming a cinematic presence.  Another scans restlessly like a search light. A third, wanders the floor, drawn between gravity and its pendulous sweep.  The viewer is invited to wander amongst the luminous characters, and in turn, is redefined by each light- a movie goer, a fugitive in a film noir, a natural  scientist cataloging the interplay of light and material.