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MCLA Campus Garden

Since 2008, the MCLA Campus Garden has provided beauty, tranquility, and engaging learning opportunities for the MCLA and North Adams communities. Take a break from the books, enjoy the fresh air and fun company, and get your hands dirty! You'll learn a lot, not just about plants but about working with others on a meaningful, lasting community project. Participation in the Campus Garden is open to everyone! During the growing season, garden produce is shared among garden volunteers, and with the MCLA and North Adams communities. 

Each year the Campus Garden is entrusted to an MCLA student who completes an internship in gardening and sustainable agriculture. This Garden Steward actively learns about producing vegetables and flowers by designing a growing plan for the season, raising the seedlings in the greenhouse, coordinating garden workdays, and maintaining the garden throughout the growing season. The Garden Steward is instrumental in carrying on this emerging MCLA tradition and setting the garden's future course.

Location and Access

The Campus Garden is on the south side of the Office of Admission on Church Street. Visit any time, and feel free to pick a few herbs or cut flowers.  If you want vegetables please come to the volunteer days or contact the Garden Steward first. The garden is an active learning site, so it is important for the Garden Steward to monitor and document the progress and productivity of each crop in the garden.

More info

See our Facebook page for updated information about what's happening in the garden and when volunteer days are scheduled. Contact Professor Dan Shustack about the Garden Steward position, for more information about incorporating the MCLA garden into your courses, or to schedule a guided visit.

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Hear from previous Garden Stewards and volunteers:

Getting Involved

Food Security

Preparing the Garden

Campus Garden History

Learn about our Green Campus

Come join us, and help our garden grow!