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Past Green Living Seminar Podcasts

See a list of previous seminars and listen to podcasts from 2013, 2012, 2011 or 2010.


The Return of Placecraft (podcast)
Jennifer Krouse, Imagining North Adams, and Ian Rasmussen

Strong Towns (podcast)
Charles Marohn, Strong Towns, Executive Director

Short-Term Action, Long-Term Change (podcast)
Andrew Howard, Team Better Block

Green Certification: The Sacred and the Profane (podcast)
R. John Anderson, Principal at Anderson Kim Architecture & Urban Design; and Stephanie Boyd, Director of the Williams College Zilkha Center

The Original Green (podcast)
Steve Mouzon, Mouzon Design, Principal

The Agrarian City (podcast)
Andres Duany, Principal of Duany Plater Zyberk & Company; and Jennifer Munoz, Director of the Growing Healthy Garden Program

The Environmental Argument for Smart Development (in Sullivan Lounge)  (podcast)
Lee Sobel, Real Estate Development and Finance Analyst at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and Jon Ford, Principal at Morris Beacon Design

Shared Space (podcast)
Norman Garrick, University of Connecticut, Professor of Civil Engineering 3/21/2013

Legalizing Main Street (podcast)
Caleb Racicot, Tunnel-Spangler-Walsh & Associates, Senior Principal

Revitalizing Downtown (podcast)
Russell Preston, Design Director at Principle Group; and Judy Grinnell, President of Hoosic River Revival

Mobility's Contribution to Sustainability (podcast)
Aurash Khawarzad, Change Administration


2012 Seminars

Biodiversity and conservation in New York State Parks (podcast)
George Robinson, University of Albany, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Medicinal plant conservation (podcast)
Emily Mooney, MCLA, Assistant Professor of Biology

Land conservation and the New England cottontail (podcast)
Doug Bruce, Berkshire Natural Resources Council, Stewardship Manager

Saving biodiversity in the Berkshires (podcast)
Jane and Bruce Winn, Berkshire Environmental Action Team

Rattlesnakes in the Berkshires (podcast)
Tom Tyning, Berkshire Community College, Professor of Environmental Science

Biodiversity conservation in western Massachusetts (podcast)
Angela Sirois, Restoration Specialist, The Nature Conservancy

Massachusetts endangered species protection  (podcast)
Jon Regosin, MA Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, Chief of Conservation Science

The changing biodiversity of the Northeast  (podcast)
Peter Alden, Naturalist and writer

Integrating biodiversity into land use planning  (podcast)
Erik Kiviat, Hudsonia, Executive Director

Ocean biodiversity: Medicines, fisheries, and marine conservation (podcast)
Kathleen Frith, Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment, Managing Director

Landscaping and bird biodiversity (podcast)
Susannah Lerman, U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station, Post Doctoral Research Associate

Evolution and biodiversity: How a musical instrument that evolved from feathers can help conserve biodiversity (podcast)
Kim Bostwick, Cornell University Museum, Curator of Birds and Mammals


2011 Seminars

Introduction to water resources and human impacts (podcast)
Elena Traister, MCLA, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment (podcast)
Matt Poach, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Marine Biogeochemist

Dams, flow, and stream ecology (podcast)
Russ Cohen, Massachusetts Riverways Program, River Advocate

Climate change, population, and global water availability (podcast)
Steve Frolking, University of New Hampshire, Research Professor of Biogeochemical Modeling

Local water infrastructure (podcast)
Brad Furlon, Hoosac Water Quality District, Operating Manager

Water quality in Massachusetts (podcast)
Cindy Delpapa, Massachusetts Riverways Program, Stream Ecologist

Water quality in developing countries (podcast)
Sarah Miller, Yale University, PhD Candidate

Organic pollutants in local waters (podcast)
David Richardson, Williams College, Professor of Chemistry

Transboundary challenges: Managing water resources of the Great Lakes (podcast)
Todd Ambs, River Network, President

Keynote: A better approach to water management (podcast)
Shimon Anisfeld, Yale University, Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist in Water Resources and Environmental Chemistry


2010 Seminars

Vulnerability and resilience in turbulent times - in pursuit of a sustainable future (podcast)
Jack Byrne, Middlebury College, Director of Sustainability Integration

Sustainability at Williams College (podcast)
Stephanie Boyd, Williams College, Director of the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives 

Campus sustainability initiatives at MCLA (podcast)
Lauren Moffatt, MCLA, Coordinator of the Berkshire Environmental Resource Center 

 Panel discussion on community sustainability initiatives in Berkshire County (podcast)
Greg Federspiel, Lenox Environmental Committee & Town Manager; Kathy Keeser, Florida Energy Committee; Wendy Penner, Williamstown COOL Committee Chair; Marcia Powdermaker, Tyringham Green; Jaimie Wallace, North Adams Take Charge Intern 

Sustainable energy choices for campuses and communities (podcast)
Fred Loxsom, Eastern Connecticut State University, Endowed Chair in Sustainable Energy Studies 

Susainable design of transit systems and surrounding communities (podcast)
Sam Zimbabwe, Reconnecting America, Technical Assistance Director

Sustainable building design and green remodeling strategies (podcast)
Barry Katz, Greenworks Consulting, Founder and CEO 

Reducing waste (podcast)
Jamie Cahillance, Center for Ecological Technology, Director of Recycling and Manager of Waste Reduction Programs 

Sustainable food systems: Strategies for campuses and communities (podcast)
John Turenne, Sustainable Food Systems, President and Founder 

Community planning to protect natural resources: Examples from the northeast region (podcast)
Suzi Zakowski, Audubon International, Sustainable Communities Manager

Redesigning cities for the long-term health of human and natural systems (podcast)
Richard Register, Ecocity Builders, Founder