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stem community collaborations

2012 Region 1 Winners

First PlaceWestfield High SchoolThe Adverse Effects of Consumer and Pharmaceutical Goods on Plant LifeAddie Fleron Bridget Lewis
First PlaceMinnechaug Regional High SchoolDetermining the Mechanics of the Embryonic EnvironmentLauren Gerberich Diana GerberichAnthony Yacovone
Second PlaceWestfield High SchoolEffects of Intonation on Cognitive RecallShannon Boley

Second PlaceTaconic High SchoolSunscreen in the SeaDylan Carman

Second PlaceTaconic High SchoolGreen Valley GalaxiesAdam Dukehart

Second PlaceWestfield High SchoolEnzymatic vs. Acid Hydrolysis of Cellulose for Cellulosic Ethanol ProductionRobert Bernadara

Second PlaceTaconic High SchoolThe Effects of Kyolic Stress and Fatigue ReliefBailey Stokes Ashley McClellan
Second PlaceTaconic High SchoolToxicity of Vitamins to PlantsMegan Croshier

Second PlaceMohawk Trail Regional High SchoolComparing the Efficiencies of Home-Made vs. Commercial Salt ProductsShawn Andrews

Second PlaceTaconic High SchoolStay Loose with LegwarmersGiorgia Comeau

Second PlaceMcCann Technical SchoolHandling Headphone HassleAdam Lemoine Alexander McKinneyJosh Gardner
Second PlaceTaconic High SchoolDo Glowing Alga Get a Buzz?Ariana Cardillo Christopher Coughlin
Second PlaceAmherst Regional HSReconstructing History of Past Inundation Occurences in JapanShohini Kundu

Second PlaceMohawk Trail Regional High SchoolPowerful AnaerobesCaitlyn Wilkins

Third PlaceWestfield High SchoolPump it Up!Rachel Huntley

Third PlaceWestfield High SchoolReal Life Applications of Magnetically Influenced Non-Newtonian FluidDillon SienkoAndrew Jaques Patrick Monette
Third PlaceMohawk Trail Regional High SchoolMacroinvertebrate Populations in the Deerfield River Post-IreneShannon AurigemmaRiley Kelleher Liberty Styles
Third PlaceGreenfield High SchoolDoes Road Salt Affect the Growth of the Flora and Fauna of New EnglandVasiliki Balis

Third PlaceWestfield High SchoolTextures That Calm the HeartCasiana Arroyo Brandy Dupee
Third PlaceTaconic High SchoolHide-able DustpanAmanda Ely Kristen Pierce
Third PlaceGreenfield High SchoolLichen as an AirĀ Pollution DetectorDaniel Millan Eyan Raymond
Third PlaceWestfield High SchoolComparing Ascorbic Acid Content in Different Forms of Orange Juice and how it Changes Over TimeTaylor St Jaques

Third PlaceWestfield High SchoolFerrofluid: An Attractive Magnetic LiquidAlexander Merenkov Alexander Quarterley
Third PlaceBArT Charter SchoolThe Physics of DanceCassandra Chicoine

Third PlaceWestfield High SchoolInnovative InsulationCaleigh Rockwal Alexandra Helliwell
Third PlaceTaconic High SchoolThe Effects of Bioplastic on Plant Growth GerminationKeiana West
Third PlaceWestfield High SchoolAn Extraordinary Fuel Cycle of the Future: Water to Fuel to WaterRobert LaFlamme