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stem community collaborations

Winners of the 2013 Western Mass Science and Engineering Fair!

First Place

Effects of an Administrator's Prosody on Autistic Children, Shannon Boley, Westfield

Effects of Organically-Enriched Soil on Tagetes tenuifolia Development, Dillon Sienko & Patrick Monette, Westfield

Second Place

Wood vs. Food Waste Feedstock for Cellulosic Ethanol Production, Robert Bernardara, Westfield

The Antibacterial Properties of Common Foods on the Growth of E. coli, Olga Korobkov & Samantha Tuttle, Westfield

Hot Tunes, Annaise Seabury, Westfield

The Cover Up, Rachel Huntley, Westfield

The Glowing Bug (Biogenius Award Recipient), Shannon Houghtlin, Taconic

Developing a Cost -Effective Digital Microscope Comparable to a Lab Grade Microscope, Timothy Kwarcinski & Sylvester Halama, Westfield

How Does Wind-Speed, Release Angle, & Temperature Affect the Distance of Ball Flight, Liam Flaherty, Westfield

The Use of "Gray-Water" in Everyday Life, Maileen Kozak, Westfield

Female Athlete Triad: Calorie Consumption vs. Expenditure, Caleigh Rockwal & Alexandra Helliwell, Westfield

Pill Bottles Made Easy, Madisen Wicker & Dylan Moody, Taconic

The Effects of Ethanol on Fuel for a Motor, Devon Kurtz, Westfield

The Effects of Various Cores on Electromagnetic Strength and Range, Brian Davis & Eric Shilyuk, Westfield


Third Place

Bios and Filtration, Paul Green & Molly Barbarotta, Taconic

Honey, the New Antibiotic (Biogenius Award Recipient), Aliza Ahlen, Taconic

The Effects of Pollution on Soil Microbes, Mollie Dimise, Taconic

Funneling Wind in Order to Maximize the Potential of Wind Turbines, Natalie Diltz, Westfield

Diamagnetic Water Fixation, Tyler Ethier, BArT

Reconstructing the History of Past Inundations in Japan, Shohini Kundu, Amherst Regional

Semi Automated Carbon Sequestration, Benjamin Parent, Westfield

Inducing Wrinkling on Elastic Substrates for the Ease of Paint Removal, Katie Metayer, Austin Sowa, & Alison Gardner, Minnechaug Regional

Energy Neutral Food Sources, Cote Pudlo, Taconic

Are Weight Loss Supplements Worth a Heart Attack?, Kerstin Johnson, Taconic

The Effect of Temperature and Eating Habit on Amylase, Jiayi Yang, St. Joseph's Central

Extracting Energy from Transitions in Water Phases, Robert LaFlamme, Westfield

Music Tempo and Its Effect on the Human Brain, Sam Rode & Colton Yezierski, Mohawk Trail Regional


Honorable Mention

Stimulant Effects on Daphnia, Kayla Baus, Kelsey Scranton, & Sally Slowinski, Mohawk Trail Regional

Lift: Which is the Best, Michael Coelho, Taconic

Are The EPA Cleaned PCB Contamination Sites Really Clean?, Zoia Zahid, Taconic

BMI & Physical Activity, Danielle George, Taconic

Creativity Comparison, Colin Douglas & Joe Tierney, BArT

Psychology & Lie Detection, Cory White, Taconic

Longboard Pucks, Amar Abbatiello, Mohawk Trail Regional

The No-Trip Whip, Matthew Duane, Taconic

Old vs. New Combination vs. Biometric, Alyssia Bonacquisti & Haley Milne, Taconic

Stress Testers, Olicia Falandes & Lauren Shamburger, BArT

Another Project on Bacteria: Scratching the Surface, KaiQi Herzig & Ashley Robertson, Mohawk Trail Regional

From Sand to Cell Phones, Whidbey Bissell, Elizabeth Smith, & Rebecca Williams, Pittsfield

Test that pH, Jessica Sammons, BArT