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2014 Western Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair Winners

Science fair image 

1st Place

Blood Pressure
Jacob Felix - St. Agnes Academy

A Faster, More Efficient Internet Browser
Aedan Cullen - Hopkins Academy

2nd Place

Hydro Electricity
Alysa Breault - Edward Bellamy Middle School

Watching Paint Dry
Grace Moriarty - St. Agnes Academy

A Trip Down Memory Lane
Bristol Sternfield - Hampshire Regional High School

Golf Ball Aerodynamics
Robbie Lack - Michael E. Smith Middle School

Piecing Together the Puzzle of Time Pressure
Katie Lusnia and Emma Blomstrom - White Brook Middle School

How do Crystals Grow Best in Nature?
Simon Wilhelms-Tricarico - Hopkins Academy

ButterflEYEs: A Study of Color Preference
Cassidy Pawul - Michael E. Smith Middle School

How Worms Affect Plant Growth
Heather Lloyd - White Brook Middle School

What Apples are Doing Behind your Back
Jacob Clark - Hampshire Regional High School

Clean Me!
Devon Ryll-Spencer - Brayton Elementary

Trusting Trusses
Rowan Nadeau - Hampshire Regional High School

Most Efficient Way to Clean up Oil from Water
Michael Holmes - Michael E. Smith Middle School


3rd Place

Slip and Slide: I Got the Shoe for You!
Angela Lebel - Michael E. Smith Middle School

Endothermic & Exothermic Reaction
Benjamin Samoylich - Edward Bellamy Middle School

If You Sip All Day Will You Get Tooth Decay?
Hunter Pennell - Edward Bellamy Middle School

Male Breast Cancer
John Daub - Greylock Elementary School

Baseball Bat Safety
Drew Foley - Michael E. Smith Middle School

Filtration Station
Laura Thomas - Brayton Elementary

Soccer Stricker
Daniel Araica-Castillo - Brayton Elementary

Hydroponic pH Experiment
Talula Patenaude and Caity Wintsch - Hopkins Academy

Hot & Cold Magnets
Quinn LaFountain and Shane O' Donnell - White Brook Middle School

Garbage Plants
Zach Bettis - BArT Charter School

Are More Expensive Golf Balls Worth It?
Zachary Kotfila - Michael E. Smith Middle School

The Proof Is In The Prints!
Madison Tatro and Megan Guyette - Sullivan Elementary

Erratic Static
Lauren Piekos - Brayton Elementary

The Effect of Color and Exposure Length on After Images
Carley Stenson - Hampshire Regional High School

Honorable Mention

Looking To the Stars
Will Schrade - Sullivan Elementary

Alternative Aggregates in Concrete
Donald Willard - Hampshire Regional High School

Digestive Enzymes
Khaylen Mahdi - Michael E. Smith Middle School

To Grow or Not to Grow
Isaiah Albright - Brayton Elementary

Caleb Rondeau and Rutger Thurston - Greylock Elementary School

Which Brand & Type of Battery Would Last the Longest?
Alexandra West - Hopkins Academy

Can Mnemonics improve Your Memory?
Kate Mathews - St. Agnes Academy

Basketball Launcher
Dawson Wolcott and Mason Moynihan - White Brook Middle School

Solar Panel Output vs. the Function of Color of Light
Vincienza Alicandri - BArT Charter School

Does Temperature Change Affect Plants?
Sydney Demers - Edward Bellamy Middle School

Moths & Lights
Dimitris Son, Mark Pierce, and Gage Spanknebel - Hopkins Academy

Sunscreen: Protection for All?
Hannah Cameron - Michael E. Smith Middle School