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stem community collaborations

2013 Western Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair Winners

Science fair image 

1st Place

Waste to Wattage, the Journey of Microbial Fuel Cell
Alain J Morrissette - Berkshire Art and Technology Charter School

Magnetic Levitation Train
Paige Lavinio & Hayley Lavinio - Hampshire Regional High School

2nd Place

Down, Down, How Long to the Ground?
Donald Monsees - Brayton Elementary

Caleb Rondeau & Corbin Rumbolt - Greylock Elementary

ABC or 123? Which Are the Easiest to Memorize?
Amanda Adams - Hampshire Regional High School

Beating the Heat in Cities
Ida Weiss - Hampshire Regional High School

Moldy Madness
Marlena Schlerman - Hampshire Regional High School

Turbine Improvement
Lindsay Abel - Hampshire Regional High School

What Happens on the Inside
Isabella Sacharczyk - Hampshire Regional High School

How Milk Fat Effects Viscosity of Dulce de Leche
Bertram Thomas - Micheal E. Smith Memorial

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
Evan Petrosky - Micheal E. Smith Memorial

The Fastest Suit
Matt Giuliano - Micheal E. Smith Memorial

Comparing Cookie Sheets
Analise Reardon & Hannah Perault - St. Agnes Academy

Emotion in Motion
Ella Smith & Tess McCallum - White Brook Middle School 

3rd Place

Gravity Pulls on Materials
Nea Bergendahl - Brayton Elementary

Lauren Piekos - Brayton Elementary

Fuel for Thought
Elizabeth Bona - Drury High School

Where's Waldo
Lauren Jacobbe & Jasmine Pizarro-Gomez - Greylock Elementary

Collin Touchette - Hampshire Regional High School

Toothpaste: For Good or For Bad
Benjamin Anderson & Aleksander Kucinski - Hopkins Academy

Plant Pigment Segment Paper Chromatography
Ella King & Allison Wolfe - Lenox Memorial & Herberg

Pitch Perfect
Jenna Topping & Abby White - Nessacus Middle School

How do Different Surfaces and Air Pressure Affect Ball Bouncing?
Connor Matthews - St. Agnes Academy

Blind Mind
Angela Nardi & Hanna Vescovi - White Brook Middle School

Convection Inspection
Frank Cole - White Brook Middle School

Four Weeks and 500 Meal Worms Ago
Hannah Miller - White Brook Middle School

Perception Deception
Allison Christopher & Karina Volpe - White Brook Middle School

Stress Less
Makayla Guertin & Rachel Mastarakis - White Brook Middle School 

Honorable Mention

Pollution Dilution
Heather Perkins - Berkshire Art and Technology Charter School

Incredible Electromagnet
Isaiah Albright - Brayton Elementary

Water vs. Chlorine
Kelsey Haley - Brayton Elementary

Windmill Blades
Justin Beany - Greylock Elementary

All Natural Battery
John Daub - Greylock Elementary

Does Music Affect Memory and Concentration?
Olivia Brennan - Hampshire Regional High School

Ferrofluid and Temperature
Stephen Buckner - Hampshire Regional High School

Tire Traction at Different Temperatures
Donald Willard - Hampshire Regional High School

Roach Reactions
Erica Phillips - Hopkins Academy

Marley Medina - Micheal E. Smith Memorial

Can Grey be Green?
Caitlin Murphy - Micheal E. Smith Memorial

Standing vs. Sitting
Kyle Gazzillo & Owen Alibozek - Nessacus Middle School

Fruity Conductors
Miles Cramer - Nessacus Middle School

Radio Frequency Waves and Cell Phones
Noah Bracci - Nessacus Middle School