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Supply List 2013 - Please contact us for availability

Biotech equipment is here! In partnership with McCann Tech we are proud to have state-of-the-art equipment to analyze DNA and conduct transformation of bacterial DNA. Here is a list of the equipment that is available for loan. Also we will be hosting some workshops this fall (2012) on how to use this equipment and instructional ideas.

Electrophoresis Labs - apparatus, power supplies, micropipettors, water bath, microcentrifuge, microtube racks

Transformation Labs - Incubator, dual water bath, micropipettors, microcentrifuge, microtube racks, Thermocycler, and Spectrophotometer

Contact Chris Himes, STEM Program Manager, for more information. 413-662-5222


MCLA starlabStarlab Inflatable Planetarium

Sally Ride Astronomy BooksSally Ride Solar System books

dissecting microscopeCompound MicroscopeFive dissecting microscopes and 4 compound microscopes

Hach water kitHach Water Water Everywhere Education kit

La Motte soil and water kitsLaMotte Soil and Water Kits
Nitty-Gritty Soil Science
Earth Force Watershed Field
Soil Texture Unit

eie amazing machines
Boston Science Musuem's Engineering is Elementary Kits

Amazing MachinesWater Water Everywhere
Wind Turbines and Weather

laser prism set

Laser Prism Set

genome bookTeacher's Resource Guide on genomics for biotechnology
A guide for low-cost, easily found equipment and materials. The activities are written at the upper elementary level through high school.

shoestring biotechnology book

Shoestring Biotechnology shoestring biotechnology.

EPA Sunwise kit

U.S. EPA's SunWise Tool Kit contains cross-curricular classroom lessons and background information for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Includes activities focusing on the science behind UV radiation and stratospheric ozone; the health risks from overexposure to UV radiation; and the steps you can take to protect yourself.