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The Berkshire STEM Pipeline is happy to announce we now own an inflatable STARLAB Planetarium with a FiberArc projector. This planetarium will be available to teachers in Berkshire County through the STEM Fellow program and two day teacher training workshops.

WAMC Starlab story

Starlab Inflatable PlanetariumStarlab 2010-2011 Schedule

December 2010 Crosby Elementary School

January 2011 Stamford Community Library

February 2011 Hancock Elementary School, Richmond Elementary School

March 2011 Mt Greylock Regional High School

STARLAB description:

The inflatable planetarium is made of silver fabric dome that houses a fiber arc projector, a fan, a variety of projection cylinders, and is supported with training and ample curriculum, STARLAB creates a unique learning environment for virtually every level of education. STARLAB can be used for far more than just astronomy. Best of all, STARLAB can be set up right in the classroom, or gym, or auditorium, or cafeteria etc.

Starlab Inflatable Planetarium
Dome size :

    * Dome Diameter: 16 ft     * Dome with Tunnels: 18 ft x 21 ft
    * Dome Height: 10.5 ft with a ceiling requirement of 14 ft
    * Minimum Room Size: 21 ft x 21 ft
    * Seating Capacity: 27 people

Starlab Inflatable Planetarium insideProjector:
STARLAB FiberArc includes adjustable quartz halogen gooseneck side lamps for reading and drawing ease inside the dome plus azimuth and meridian reference projectors for teaching more advanced concepts.

Cylinders available:
    * Starfield
    * Egyptian Mythology
    * Plate Tectonics
    * Greek Mythology
    * Native American Mythology
    * Weather

Curriculum Available:
Astronomy and More is a collection of tried and true curriculum ideas from top STARLAB Portable Planetarium users who have created exciting and interactive activities for kindergarten through grade 12, as well as specific curricula for each STARLAB projection cylinder.

This curriculum is held in two binders and includes a comprehensive table of contents and tab-divided sections to help you locate the information quickly and easily. Four main sections include STARLAB Planetarium Set-up, Operation and Maintenance; K-6 Activities and Lessons; Grades 7-12 Activities and Lessons; Cylinder Guides. The pages are three-hole punched so that your lessons and worksheets are easily accessible.

Project Evaluator: Jean Bacon, Community Works <>

Lesson Plans

  • Linda's Lesson                                                                          
  1. Overview
  2. How Grandmother Spider Stole the Sun
  3. Examples of Student Work Grades K-3 and 5

Useful Links
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STARLAB Native American Mythology Curricula PDF

STEM Fellows 2009:
Susan Strizzi, Williamstown, MA
Mike Powers, Williamstown, MA

STEM Fellows 2008:
Lauren Finnegan-Lee, MA
Stephen Capeless-Pittsfield, MA
Randy Knoyles-Gt. Barrington, MA
Melissa Farrell, Gt. Barrington, MA
Marie McCarron-North Adams, MA
Linda Wagner-North Adams, MA

Jr. STEM Fellows 2008:
Robin Clapper, undergrad MCLA
Rachel Appell, undergrad MCLA
Christopher Hairston, undergrad BCC

STEM Fellows 2007:
Lori Austin-Florida, MA
Jeanne Nailos-Pittsfield, MA
Matt Collins-Pittsfield, MA
Jane Lewandowski-Pittsfield, MA