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Grant Funding Secured under President Grant's Leadership

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts has had much success in securing grant funding to support its programs and strategic plan. Proposals have been funded by:

Federal Grants: The Department of Education, and the National Endowment for the Humanities

State Grants: Massachusetts Department of Education including departments of Elementary and Secondary Education; Higher Education; Adult and Community Learning Services; Math, Science, Technology, and Engineering; Early Education and Care; Berkshire Training and Employment. The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources; Massachusetts Cultural Council;

Private Grants: Feigenbaum Foundation; Davis Educational Foundation; Berkshire Bank Foundation; Greylock Federal Credit Union; Connecticut Campus Compact; ATT Foundation; Applebaum Kahn Foundation; the Nellie Mae Foundation, American Association of University Women, Hill Family Foundation

Community and Culture Sources: Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation; Berkshire United Way; National Collegiate Athletic Association; the New England Foundation for the Arts; Northern Berkshire Cultural Council; MA Cultural Council; Connecticut Campus Compact

FY 2013 and FY 2014

Private Foundation Grants:

  • American Association of University Women ($5,000): Funding a campus action project on salary inequalities of men and women
  • Berkshire Bank ($125,000): Offering a three year STEM Academy for underrepresented and low income students to facilitate students' transition to college life, enhance academic success, and increase graduation rates through leadership, team building, and community service.
  • Hill Family Foundation ($16,571): Supporting college priorities
  • Feigenbaum Foundation ($120,000): Offering the Help Yourself Program to introduce third grade students in Berkshire County to the benefits and resources of higher education
  • Davis Educational Foundation ($25,000): Feasibility study for enhancing academic advising through the use of Canvass
  • Greylock Federal Credit Union ($102,640): Offering a five year program to increase the number of teachers - pairing pre-service, Greylock Fellows, with in-service teacher mentors
  • ATT Foundation ($4,000): Student Scholarships to reduce students' need to work part time and increase time devoted to higher education requirements
  • Applebaum Kahn Foundation ($7,000): Supporting Down-Street-Art and Tricks-of-the-Trade programs offered by Berkshire Cultural Resource Center

Community and Cultural Grants:

  • Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation ($2,300): Wee Read Program to provide books to families with young children in Berkshire County to promote the joy of reading
  • Berkshire United Way ($11,000):  Supporting the Berkshire County Goes to College Day, bringing all sixth grade students in Berkshire County to one of four institutions of higher education for a day (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Berkshire Community College, Simon's Rock or Williams College)
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) ($46,200):  Division III Internship Grant establishes a paid internship for an ethnic minority or woman in MCLA's Athletic Department.
  • Northern Berkshire Cultural Council ($500): to support the PRESS Gallery in downtown North Adams
  • MA Cultural Council's ($30,000) Cultural Facilities Feasibility Grant to identify renovations of the Church Street Center needed to bring systems up to industry standards for the performing arts, and allow for year round productions.
  • Connecticut Campus Compact ($1,250): Coordination of a Day of Service in North Adams on Martin Luther King's Day

Federal Grants Received:

  • National Endowments of Humanities ($1,200): Gilder Lehrman Institute for  Bridging Cultures Initiative will distribute "Created Equal: America's Civil Rights Struggle" film set and host theme based public programming conversations. 
  • FY 2010-2014 from the US Department of Education ($1.4 million):  Title IV Student Support Services (SSS) Grant for the College's Individual Enrichment Program (IEP) providing academic support and specialized advising to increase persistence, achievement, and graduate rates of first generation, low income, or students with disabilities. This award supports MCLA's SSS program which began in 1980.

State Grants Received:

Massachusetts Department of Education:

  • Department of Secondary and Elementary Education College ($104,000): College Access Challenge Grant fourth year of collaboration with BCC to build awareness, enrollment, and success of Berkshire County students in higher education.
  • Department of Higher Education $300,000, $71,380 and $239,000 multiple year Vision Project funding to advance 30 in 3, civic engagement and 413 STEM Ready Consortium programs to increase student academic achievement and college completion
  • Department of Higher Education ($50,000): STEM Pipeline Program creates an @Scale STEM Pathways Project to increase success of minority and female students who are underrepresented in STEM fields. It employs a STEM retention plan, Supplemental Instruction (SI), advising and career planning.
  • Department of Higher Education ($40,000): Multi-year funding for STEM Pipeline funding to support Berkshire STEM Pipeline Network to increase student engagement in STEM activities, student STEM achievement and STEM teacher professional development
  • Department of Higher Education ($27,000): Multi-year funding for Dual Enrollment allowing high school students to enroll in MCLA courses and receive both high school and college credit
  • Department of Higher Education ($103,680): Improving Teacher Quality a partnership with North Adams Public Schools, Adams-Cheshire Regional School District, Northern Berkshire School Union, Berkshire Headstart, Child Care of the Berkshires, Mass MoCA, and the Berkshire Museum for teacher professional development in the science of early learning, inquiry based learning; and professional learning networks to produce STEM as well as STEAM units; utilizes web basedBuild Your Own Curriculum
  • MA Department of Secondary Education( $250,128) Title IIB three year funding for Berkshire Math Science Partnership to provide professional development for middle school STEM teachers in North Adams Public Schools, Adams Cheshire Regional School District, Pittsfield Public Schools, and Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter School
  • MA Department of Secondary Education ($208,513) five years of funding for an community adult learning center in North Adams offering GED, ESOL and Distance Learning for undereducated adults in northern Berkshire County
  • Department of Early Education and Care ($100,000) to fund the Berkshire County Readiness Center
  • Berkshire Training and Employment ($51,371): Funding a two year career pathways program for underemployed and unemployed adults in northern Berkshire County


MA Department of Energy:

  •  Leading By Example Program ($604,000) to implement a combined heat and power (CHP) system at MCLA, produce power and heat at 90% or higher efficiency, reduce the College's overall energy use and costs, and CO2 emissions. The project is part of a $3.7 million comprehensive energy efficiency project overseen by the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAMM) 


MA Cultural Council:

  • Abigail Adams Grant Program ($37,500):  provides two years of support for the Berkshire Cultural Resource Center, a collaboration of MCLA ,the City of North Adams, and MASS MoCA to grow the creative economy, and stimulate resident and tourist participation and engagement in cultural activities in Berkshire County.


Additional Past Grants

  • FY 2006-2010 from US Department of Education ($1.8 million) Title III Strengthening Institutions grant to increase implementation of technology throughout campus, develop new academic programs, and faculty development It is the largest grant ever awarded to the College.
  • 2006 private pledge ($1 million) announced by President Grant for endowed professorships in the education department.
  • 2005 and 2008 Federal funding ($160,000 and $239,000) for the Berkshire Environmental Resource Center (BERC) in cooperation with MCLA's Environmental Studies program