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Reporting Options

Members of the MCLA community who have experienced sexual violence, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or retaliation have a number of reporting options available to them.

Confidential Reporting Options

Medical and emotional assistance are available from any of the following offices or community agencies:

MCLA Health Services

MountainOne Wellness Center

First Floor

MCLA Counseling Services


MountainOne Wellness Center

Second Floor

Berkshire Medical Center

North Campus:


71 Hospital Avenue, North Adams


Main Campus: 413.447.2000

725 North Street, Pittsfield


The Elizabeth Freeman Center 

866.401.4225 (24-hour hotline)

61 Main Street, Suite 202, North Adams


43 Francis Avenue, Pittsfield


Private, Non-Confidential Assistance

MCLA offers a variety of resources to those community members. While the following resources are not bound by confidentiality, they do maintain one's privacy within the limited group of MCLA personnel necessary to address the matter presented. 

MCLA Title IX Coordinator

Nicole Comstock


Venable 309C

MCLA Title IX Deputy

Barbara Chaput


Mark Hopkins 101

MCLA Title IX Deputy

Laura Mooney


Eldridge Hall B02A

MCLA Department of Public Safety/Campus Police



ext. 5100 on Campus


277 Ashland Street

MCLA Residential Programs & Services


Flagg Townhouse 89

MCLA Student Affairs Division Office


Amsler Campus Center 305

The following employees are considered Responsible Employees, with an obligation to report Title IX violations to the Title IX Coordinator:

·         Members of the Board of Trustees;

·         The President and Vice Presidents;

·         Assist./Assoc. Vice Presidents;

·         Title IX Coordinator/ Deputy Coordinators;

·         EO Officer;

·         Campus Police;

·         Institutional Security Officers;

·         Director and Assist./Assoc. Director of Human Resources;

·         Departmental Directors and Assist./Assoc. Directors;

·         Residence Life Staff (including RDs and RAs);

·         Athletic Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Athletics Administrators;

·         Studio Managers;

·         Lab Managers;

·         Deans and Assistant/Associate Deans

·         Academic Department Chairs;

·         Academic and Non-Academic Program Directors/ Coordinators;

·         Faculty/Staff Leading or Chaperoning Travel or Overnight Trips; and

·         Faculty/Staff Advisors to Student Organizations.


Making No Report

Individuals have the right not to make a report to anyone. MCLA, however, strongly encourages individuals to seek medical attention, counseling, and support. Individuals are always welcome to file a report at a later date, but please note a delay in reporting could weaken the evidence necessary to determine whether the accused is fond responsible for committing an act of sexual violence, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or retaliation.