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In 2016 we rolled out the new MCLA Portal 2.0. The Web Manager and Computer Support Services collaborated with Students, Faculty, and Staff to give the Portal a new look and feel, and simplify the Portal’s usability. MCLA Portal 2.0 features:

  • Five most used top-bar links to launch Email (Office 365), Calendar (Office 365), Canvas, Connection (Sharepoint), and Banner

  • To the right of Banner are two icons for Preferences (hamburger icon) and Log Out (new feature!)

  • Seven dropdown menus divided by roles and services; all links from Campus Connection, including Calendars and Forms, are brought over, in addition to a few more user-requested links

  • Six simple default modules (which can be customized in Preferences) that display:

    1. Upcoming Events for the coming week (customizable)

    2. Student Announcements

    3. an MCLA Feed, which pulls all announcements for Faculty and Staff, Students, Job Opportunities, For Sale and Wanted, and Lost and Found (customizable)

    4. Current Courses for Students and Faculty, with access to Canvas for enrolled classes

    5. MCLA Tweets (customizable)

    6. About Me section specific to you, with selected information pulled from Banner

  • Atop the Portal, under the clickable homepage MCLA logo, reside 4 Social Media icons, Swizly (a social media aggregator) & our own MCLA Athletics link. On the opposite side, is the Campus Search Directory.

Enjoy MCLA Portal 2.0!


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