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MCLA is Going Green.

What can you do?

Come to Green Team meetings!

Look at MCLA's Comprehensive Energy Project List

Single Stream Recycling!

Find out more about the MCLA Sustainability Committee, aka "Green Team"

What are other Green Team Colleges are doing?


Join the Environuts student club!  Check out our Facebook page.

Presidents' Climate Commitment

Learn about MCLA & this special network of American Colleges & Universities committed to sustainability.

Recycle electronics responsibly

Participate in MCLA electronics recycling collections or bring your old technology to Goodwill, or another collection point.

Recycling Visual Aids! 

Green Dates

Celebrate the planet with the rest of the nation and the world by honoring Earth Day, Earth Hour, etc.

Your Global Ecological Footprint

Calculate your ecological footprint at home and at MCLA.

MCLA Employees

Go paperless with your pay advices!  Go to the MA State Employee PayInfo.

Light Bulb Swap for Resident

Bring your incandescent light bulbs to the Hoosac Hall front desk to trade for LED or bring them to your dorm front desk for proper disposal.

Recycle Used Batteries!

Take your used batteries to the Center for Science and Innovation (CSI) Room 109.

Green Announcements:

Clean Energy Collective

For more information call


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You're Invited: Community Solar Groundbreaking!

Clean Energy Collective welcomes the arrival of spring by celebrating a new community solar project in Adams, MA. The new facility will provide equal access to the benefits of solar for all ratepayers through Clean Energy Collective's SolarPerks™ net metering credit programs. Join us, and other interested community members, for a ceremonial shoveling of dirt to celebrate the beginning of construction. Enjoy a cup of coffee and learn why community solar is among the fastest growing renewable energy solutions in the Commonwealth! Commentary will be provided by Clean Energy Collective, the Town of Adams, and other valued project contributors.


We hope to see you there!

Best Regards,
Clean Energy Collective