The 50 Card Project

A collage of activist posters from Keep America Beautiful to Resist Persist

By Melanie Mowinski
On view Jan. 25 - March 24
Opening Reception: Jan. 25, 5-7pm

Every week since Inauguration Day, and continuing through the end of 2017, Melanie Mowinski, an associate professor of visual arts at MCLA has printed a new letterpress card in a limited edition of 100, using vintage letterpress type, cuts and other printing matrixes. As they are completed each week, she will send 15 - 20 to key players in Washington D.C.

"The meaning of the cards is mirrored in the process of their creation: they invite the receiver to reflect on the small efforts, the small actions that when linked together, create something bigger," Mowinski said. "The cards are about being positive, yet at the same time a little subversive."

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