Gallery 51

Cloud Headed: On view June 29th - July 19th

Stephanie Williams Installation

                                    image: Stephanie Williams

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Artists: Michelle Aldredge, Corwin Levi, Mark W. Mulherrin, Heidi Pollard, Jarvis Rockwell, Sam Trioli,      Anna Von Mertens, Stephanie Williams, and selections from the collection of Jamie Franklin including Polly E.G.G., Phillip Germann, and Lucy Robinson. 

Across time immemorial, humans have looked up at the sky and wondered what lies beyond. We have prayed to gods above, looked through telescopes at distant galaxies, and pondered the very origins of our existences. For "Cloud Headed," a selection of artists offer their own mixed-media visions of the view beyond our planet and how we look towards that destination. Whether people in prayer, depictions of heaven, constellations and astronomical imagery, or a more singular vision, these artists are examining both experiences beyond our daily comprehension and what investigating those experiences looks like.

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