Tricks of the Trade 

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Fall Session: Back to the Basics

September: Schmoozing
Networking. It is the buzzword of our times. Artists can be their best promoters - making connections with other artists, gallerists, and potential patrons. Schomoozing is an art...and there is a lot of schmoozing in the art world. In this session we will schmooze it up and see what works.

September 16th, 6:00pm: MCLA Gallery 51 & PRESS Gallery

Guest speakers/panelists:
Moderated by: John Stomberg, Mount Holyoke College Museum of Art
Hosts: Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin, current Gallery 51 exhibition artists
Kim Knoltemy, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Jodi Joseph, MASS MoCA
Suzanne Silitch, Williams College
Laura Standley, MCLA Theater Department

October: The Art of Writing
How do you properly define yourself? What are the ways to best describe your artistic vision? How can you best represent your project for funding prospects? What does your current "portfolio" look like? We will address these subjects and more.

October 1st, 6:00pm: Lichtenstein Center for the Arts
Beyond the Artist Statementwriting about your art and yourself.

Guest instructors:
Laura Thompson, MASS MoCA Kidspace
Lisa Donovan, Author/MCLA Arts Management Professor

October 2nd, 6:00pm: MCLA Gallery 51
Writing for the money: grants, appeals and so much more!

Guest instructors:
Thomas Bernard, MCLA President's office
Nina Garlington, Berkshire Museum

October 3rd, 6:00pm: MCLA Gallery 51
Word Becomes Art, Art Becomes Word: the power of the word in art

Guest speakers/panelists:
Word Becomes Flesh performers
Ben Aleshire, Honeybee Press
Erin Ko, visual artist
Craig Harris, Musician
Moderator: Jen Crowell, Berkshire Cultural Resource Center


November: Websites, Social Web, Digital Documenting and Archiving
What are the best ways to represent yourself in a growing, digital world? What skills do you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the art world? Join us in November and find out.

November 5th, 6:00pm: MCLA Gallery 51
Capturing Your Art Today for the Audiences of the Future

Guest speakers/panelists:
Norton Owen, Jacob's Pillow
Jamie Choquette, Berkshire Sound
Colby Dix, Northern Tracks

Moderator: Jonathan Secor, Berkshire Cultural Resource Center/MCLA

November 6th, 6:00pm: Lichtenstein Center for the Arts
The Art of Social Media

Guest Instructor:
Joshua Fields, OrbitVisuals

Host: Megan Whilden, Pittsfield Office of Cultural Development

November 7th, 6:00pm: IS 183 Art School
The Art of Creating Your Website

Guest Instructor:
Joshua Fields, OrbitVisuals

Host: Hope Sullivan, IS 183 Art School


December: Social Gathering Songwriting Workshop
As artists, we all struggle to describer ourselves sometimes. So let's use our art to show who we are.

December 11th, 6:00pm: MCLA Gallery 51 & PRESS Gallery
Writing Your Song

Guest Presenter:
Jennifer Crowell, BCRC

Guest performers:
Zara Bode, Emily Miller, and Stefan Amidon of The Sweetback Sisters

Spring Session: Back to the Future
As an artist, as a field: where are we going? Where should we be going? We will spend this Spring pondering and anticipating the future of the art field. 

February: New Paradigms in the Arts

What are the new innovations in the presenting and museum worlds? Where will they be going in the upcoming years?

February 4th, 6:00pm: MCLA Gallery 51
New Paradigms in Performing Arts Presenting

Guest speakers/panelists:
Randal Fippinger, Williams CollegeKristin Marting, HERE Art Center
Tina Packer, Shakespeare & Company 
Jonathan Secor, Berkshire Cultural Resource Center
Sara Katzoff, Berkshire Fringe Festival

Moderator: Jen Crowell, Berkshire Cultural Resource Center

February 10th, 6:00pm: IS 183
The Art Gallery of Tomorrow

Guest speakers/panelists:
Susan Jennings, Ursa Major
Melanie Mowinski, PRESS Gallery

Moderator: Leslie Ferrin, Ferrin Gallery