Student standing in front of a design lab board

The Design Lab at 49 Main Street 

Connected to Gallery 51 on Main Street in the North Adams downtown, the Design Lab is intended to serve as a space for innovation as well as a multi-purpose venue for the college and its community. Outfitted with five separate workstations, each equipped with interactive short-throw projectors and ample whiteboard space, the Design Lab is uniquely suited for collaborative problem-solving, while its open, flexible floor plan lends itself to such events as receptions, concerts, lectures, and community forums. 

During the week of August 14 - 18, photographer Jamie Diamond is facilitating a workshop for kids ages 8 - 14. The group will explore North Adams, interviewing and photographing their world. For the month of September, selected photographs from this workshop will be on display in the Design Lab gallery. 

Upcoming Events

August 18 Box of Birds with Izzy Heltai

August 23 Simon Joyner

August 29 Lenoir, Immune Friction

August 30 IS183 Free Your Art 

Past Events

Bicycle Project

Adam Hinds Regional Public Transportation Workshop 

If you're interested in reserving the Design Lab at 49 Main Street for an event, please fill out the events request form below.