John Lewis at MCLA commencement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

commencement video condencedMCLA is committed to creating a campus climate and culture of mutual respect that represents and honors diversity in our society. We celebrate this diversity and affirm the dignity and worth of all people. We intentionally integrate topics of social, cultural, and physical diversity in the curricular, co-curricular, and work life of our community. 

Valuing diversity, continually striving for equity, and seeking inclusion every day are integral parts of the MCLA mission. As an agent of social change, MCLA is committed to helping achieve respect, acceptance, and justice for everyone.

"We've come a distance. We've made a lot of progress. But we still have a distance to go. We've come too far, we've made too much progress, and we must not go back. We must go forward as a nation and as a people."

—Rep. John Lewis, 2017 MCLA Commencement Key Note Speaker