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2013 Self-Study Steering Committee


Cynthia Brown
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Celia Norcross
Director of Student Development and Activities

Lead Writer

Matthew Silliman
Professor of Philosophy

Steering Committee Members

Kristina Bendikas
Associate Dean for Assessment and Planning

Thomas Bernard
Director of Business Affairs
Co-Chair Standard 8

Laura Brown
Director of Fiscal Affairs
Chair Standard 9

Jason Canales
Staff Associate Institutional Research

Charlotte Degen
Vice President of Student Affairs
Co-Chair Standard 6

David Eve
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Chair Standard 5

Katherine Heekin
Assistant Director Center for Student Success and Engagement
Co-Chair Standard 6

Maureen Horak
Associate Dean of Library Services
Chair Standard 7

Monica Joslin
Dean of Academic Affairs
Co-Chair Standard 4

Charles Kimberling
Director of Facilities Management
Co-Chair Standard 8

Steven King
Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services
Chair Standard 10

David Langston
Professor of English Communications
Chair Standard 1

Theresa O'Bryant
Associate Dean of Students
Chair Standard 11

Leonard Paolillo
Professor of Sociology
Chair Standard 3

James Stakenas
Vice President of Administration and Finance
Chair Standard 2

Adrienne Wootters
Associate Professor of Physics
Co-Chair Standard 4