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Faculty Works-In-Progress Spring 2020 Colloquium


The Mind’s Eye is a research & praxis initiative of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts that explores a wide range of cultural topics, socio-political inquiries, theoretical concerns, and creative practices from within an interdisciplinary framework. The Mind’s Eye aims to stand as a model of the civic engagement and critical thinking constitutive of a liberal arts education by engaging in scholarly and creative pursuits that transcend disciplinary boundaries. In collaboration with neighboring institutions, like MASS MoCA, The Mind’s Eye aspires to expand the cultural footprint of the southern Berkshires by creating innovative programming and events for local and global audiences alike.


First published as a print journal in 1977, The Mind’s Eye historically functioned as a largely internal peer-reviewed and faculty-driven journal of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. For over 30 years, the journal regularly published two print issues featuring scholarly essays, reviews, creative writing, opinion pieces, and illustrations on subject matters concerning politics, the arts, the media, human rights, economics and literature. All print issues are held by MCLA’s Eugene L. Freel Library and available in digitized form. A more in depth account of the journal’s history can be found here.

In 2017-present, The Mind’s Eye has undergone a transition to an online format and forthcoming symposium in collaboration with MASS MoCA. With reinvigorated interest in fostering rigorous interdisciplinary scholarship and creative work within and beyond the MCLA community, the new direction of The Mind’s Eye is designed to be far-reaching and engaging of diverse audiences.

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