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Student Accounts/Bursar's Office

Welcome to the Student Accounts/Bursar's Office.  We are responsible for processing and collecting student tuition bills, and issuing student refund checks.  We also administer the student health insurance program and meal plans.    Our mission and goal is to provide students and families assistance in meeting their financial obligations for college.  Have a question?  Check out our F.A.Q.  or call us - we are here to help and work with you.

Billing Information
We bill in two installments. The Fall Semester bills will be mailed in early July and due in early August. The Spring Semester bills are mailed in early December and are due in early January. Keep in mind that MCLA has implemented a Late Payment Fee of $75 which will be assessed on accounts that have not made payment arrangements by the due date listed on their invoice.

If you have a Financial Aid Award, the amounts available to you are listed on this statement.

If there is a balance due shown on your statement, you have several options for payment:

  • Pay your balance by the due date with cash, personal check or credit card
  • Contact our Financial Aid Office to apply for an Alternative Loan
  • Contract with Tuition Management Systems to budget your payments

Returned Checks
A fee of $25 will be added to your account for each check returned by your bank.

Refund Policy
If you withdraw prior to the first day of classes (official opening), you will receive a 100% refund (less any Admissions or Dormitory Deposits).

All refunds for withdrawals after the start of school are determined on a pro-rata basis up to the 60% point of the semester. Pro-rata refunds are calculated by determining the percentage of the semester that has been completed up to and including the official date of withdrawal. Based on this calculation, the College determines the amount of financial aid that is unearned and is responsible for returning any portion necessary, to the appropriate financial aid programs. Repayment is made to the Federal programs in the following order: Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan, Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Plus Loan, Federal Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. Any remaining credit balances will be returned to state, institutional and student resources (in that order).

Understanding Your Student Bill
Campus Support Fee - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is who determines the amount of tuition charged by Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; but unfortunately, just the tuition per student does not cover the cost of running the campus. The Campus Support Fee is to make up the difference and is required of all students. The dollars collected from this fee are used by the academic departments and college administration to budget the College's needs. This fee is assessed to all students regardless if they are from Massachusetts or any other state and it is pro-rated based on the number of credits that a student is enrolled for.

Health Insurance - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all undergraduate students enrolled for 9 or more credits and all graduate students enrolled for 7 or more credits to have health insurance.

If Health Insurance appears as a charge on your invoice and you are already covered by an existing health insurance policy, please provide your policy's information by completing the waiver. You can deduct the charge from your balance due by noting your confirmation # when you submit your payment. You will NOT receive a corrected invoice from MCLA. This information must be completed each academic year that you are enrolled at MCLA.

If you need to purchase the Health Insurance Plan offered by MCLA, you can enroll at through University Health Plans, our provider. This form will be available after July 1.

Admission Deposit - If you paid a deposit of $200, you will notice that $100 appears as a credit on your Fall invoice. The remaining $100 will appear as a credit on your Spring bill.

Dormitory Deposit - Returning students who paid a lottery deposit will see the credit on their Spring invoice.

MASSPIRG - (Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group) This fee is optional and can be waived by checking the box on the back of your bill and deducting $9.00 from your balance due or submitting this form.

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We are located on the main level of Eldridge Hall.

Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Student Accounts/Bursar's Office
375 Church Street
North Adams, MA 01247