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Career Services


Student Employment 

The Federal College Work-Study Program

If you need financial assistance to help with college expenses, you may qualify for the Federal College Work-Study Program. Eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office using information from your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you qualify, the Financial Aid Office will send you a notification and request that you confirm your financial aid package. Financial Aid will then notify CSSE/Career Services of students who have accepted a Federal Work-Study Award.

The Process

Over the summer, as a newly eligible first-year student, a transfer student, or a returning student, you will receive a Student Request Form, which should be completed and returned to CSSE/Career Services via First Class e-mail. The work assignment is based on your responses in the form about your major, acquired skills, interests and three departments in which you are interested in working. CSSE/Career Services matches you with on-campus employers and off-campus non-profit agencies. You will be notified of your work assignment in mid-to-late August.

During the first week of the fall semester, you will need to attend an orientation session regarding your Federal Work-Study Employment assignment. At this session, you will complete payroll forms, obtain your work-study contract, receive information regarding your on-campus job, including policies, procedures, and expectations found in the Federal Work-Study Employee Manual.

If you are a returning work-study student and you received a favorable evaluation previously from your supervisor, you may choose to return to this assignment or can request a reassignment.

On-Campus (Trust Fund) Employment

Some employment opportunities exist on campus through funds available in various departments. These positions are posted within the hiring department and to First Class in the "Job Opps" folder. If you are interested in any of these postings, follow the application instructions to apply. Student Employment Applications are located in CSSE/Career Services and on the CSSE/Career Services webpage. To apply for Trust Fund jobs, you do not need to qualify for financial aid.

Part-time Jobs Off Campus

Local job opportunities are posted to First Class in the "Job Opps" folder. If you need assistance finding a job, writing a resume or cover letter, completing a job application, or need any other job search help, please contact CSSE/Career Services. Our staff is ready to help you.