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Travel Course Planning

When planning a travel course:

  1. Determine educational value of the course - (align with the travel course learning outcomes) - determine the student interest and identify objectives. If a text book is to complement the travel - determine the text which will assist in understanding the culture of your travel.
  2. Career Services will assist you with making arrangements for the travel; selection of a  travel agency and  assist you with arrangements including costs, airfare, accommodations, timeline, fees etc., and i.e.   EF Educational Tours.3    Once you have designed the plan, including syllabus, for a travel course, ideally you should submit to the Curriculum Committee for pre-approval one year in advance.
  3. Advertise the course across campus a year in advance.
  4. Career Services will make contact with the Bursar - notify regarding cost of the trip and payment schedule. Also, provide the bursar with a list of names of students attending the travel course.  Will a deposit be required at time of sign up? If non-refundable - need to have information in writing. 
  5. Career Services will work with you on scheduling an orientation information meeting the spring one year prior to the travel course to cover:
    • Syllabus including assignments and course objectives
    • Instructions for registration
    • Student's responsibilities while abroad - being conscious of the culture
    • Airfare purchase deadline/budgeted cost deadlines
    • Luggage limitation
    • Insurance coverage
  6. Schedule meetings with travelers prior to departure to ensure preparation is complete and any questions have been addressed. (for classes which meet regularly this may be optional) Provide the office of Academic Affairs with Travel Information as follows:
    • Dates
    • Times
    • Airline Information
    • Hotel Information
    • Travel Itinerary

Basic Roster Information for Each Participant

Emergency Contact Information:

  • Parent/guardian/significant other
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fax and/or email address
  • Participant nationality and photocopy of passport number
  • Health information (in cases where student has indicated special condition or need)
  • Health insurance information
  • Contact information for relevant embassy or consular phone numbers and address
  • Campus contact person for the travel


If you choose to independently plan and offer a travel course without assistance from a travel agency you are responsible for all research on travel arrangements, costs, accommodations abroad in addition to preparing your course syllabus, arranging an orientation and meetings along with most of the above steps.

As a point of information for future travel courses consider planning a course 3 years in advance to assist students in their planning and funding for participation in the travel course.

See Travel Course Link for details on current and past travel courses.

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