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Career Services 

Teach English-in-China program

We offer a Teach in China program for graduating  seniors.  Teach English in China through Hebei University of P.R. China located in Baoding City, Hebei Providence. This is a great opportunity to live in China and Teach English at Hebei University. The cultural growth and experience can only present a competitive advantage in the workplace once you return.

Qualifying Students must have a BA/BS by graduation. Options of a 6 month teaching contract or a full year of teaching with pay.

  • 14 hours per week of teaching
  • Teach English speaking and writing, or courses relevant to the subjects
  • Teaching materials & equipment provided by the faculty or the teacher [you]
  • Monthly salary RMB 3,000 Foreign Currency [1 US $ to 8 Chinese] 70% of salary can be changed to US $ when teachers return to US
  • Travel allowance is RMB 1,100 for 6 month contract, and 2,200 for 1 year contract + air fare 1 way for 6 month contract, round trip for 1 year contract.
  • Furnished single room apartment for 6 month contract, or a furnished two-bedroom apartment for 1 year contract, both come with bathroom, TV, internet computer, telephone, air-conditioner,  refrigerator
  • Teachers enjoy the same holidays as Chinese citizens, paid.
  • Teachers who go do not have to know the language, the students there know enough to get by
  • Teachers can be from any academic area and do not have to have studies teaching previously

This is a prestigious choice you have to make. The people who have gone and come back have the best  stories to tell, the best memories to share, and have been across the world to do great things! Students in China are ready to learn and   excited to know more. It is also a chance for you to explore new things. Be a part of it!