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CSSE/Academic Support 

Entering students placement testing

In order to enhance academic advising and facilitate your enrollment, entering freshmen and some transfer students will take placement tests in designated areas:  elementary algebra, English composition and modern language. The determination of tests is based on a review of academic records.

Foreign Language:

MCLA's core curriculum includes one year of modern/foreign language. We strongly encourage students to complete the online modern language test prior to attending your scheduled orientation session:

  • Students whose transcripts indicate successful completion of a fourth year of study of the same language in high school are waived of this requirement.
  • Those without a fourth year of language are strongly encouraged to complete MCLA's online language test prior to, or immediately following their orientation program. Students with less than a fourth year of study who do not complete the online language test will need to complete the test during the academic year prior to enrolling in a language course.

In addition, currently enrolled MCLA students will have the opportunity to take the online placement test in modern language during the academic year.  Based on the results, students will be placed in a 101 or 102 level or waived of the requirement. If you are waived of the modern language requirement, you do not receive credit for the course but are allowed to earn these credits in other areas. Please contact Kate Heekin at 413.662.5309 with questions about placement testing.

Students who have questions or require accommodations for placement testing are asked to contact Learning Specialist Katie Sutton at 413.662.5318. Students requesting accommodations will need to provide documentation indicating the need for the requested accommodation. For additional information please refer to Services for Students with Disabilities.