"The decision to pursue my degree at MCLA with the FAST-TRACK Program was one of the best decisions of my life. For me, the quest of earning my degree was based on accomplishing a life goal, learning, expanding my level of awareness, challenging myself, meeting new people, and personal growth. I found this and so much more."  Deirdre Flicker, 2011, Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies          


Fast Track 2012 graduate- Natalia Eddy

As any adult knows, balancing the activities of a busy life is rewarding and challenging - job and career, time with family, volunteer and community work, errands - they all take up a lot of our time and energy. Going to college to complete a degree on top of that can seem insurmountable. However, that just got a little easier for the returning adult student thanks to the FAST- TRACK at MCLA.

Designed for experienced, ambitious adults who have some work, life, and college behind them, FAST-TRACK provides the same quality MCLA education that full-time day students benefit from in a compressed format and through online and hybrid courses. With  FAST-TRACK, adult students have access to labs, studios, the library, and other resources. They are taught by the same quality faculty as students in the MCLA residential school programs. So, isn't it time to invest in yourself and complete that degree through the FAST-TRACK at MCLA?

Contact for more information:

Howard "Jake" Eberwein
Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education