Professional Development for PK-12 Educators

MCLA's Graduate and Continuing Education Department works in partnership with the Education Department, the Berkshire Readiness Center, and the Berkshire County Superintendents' Roundtable to deliver ongoing profession

al development for PK-12 educators. This professional development can be used for:

  • Recertification
  • Compliance
  • Advancing knowledge and skill to improve outcomes for children
  • Furthering personal and professional growth
  • Supporting school and district initiatives

Summer 2016  Courses for Educators at MCLA

MCLA will offer graduate credit, in-service credit, and professional development summer opportunities for PK-12 educators in July 2016.  Explore other summer opportunities at

Recent Events

May 5, 2016, 5:30-7:30pm

Educator Recognition Awards

Educators, guidance counselors, directors, and other specialists employed in Berkshire County schools and Early Childhood programs are eligible to be honored by MCLA's Annual Educator Recognition Awards in one of four categories:

  • Early Childhood Education: Community Setting
  • Birth-Grade 2
  • Grades 3-6
  • Grades 7-12

Recent Summer Graduate Courses

MCLA offers graduate courses for those in the process of earning a degree or a license.  Summer is an opportune time to take a course.

  • Ethics and Foundations of Schooling, ADMN/EDUC 702
  • Literacy Acquisition and Development, RDNG 616
  • Survey of Literature for Children & Adolescents, RDNG/ENGE 722
  • Health Promotion Workshop, PHDE 601
  • Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching, PHDE 601
  • Literature and Society, ENGE 601
  • John Steinbeck, ENGE 601

Recent Professional Development Opportunities

  • Massachusetts Model Evaluation
  • Common Core Curriculum
  • New Teacher Induction
  • Mentoring for Educators
  • Education Evaluation Training
  • Berkshire County Professional Learning Networks
  • WIDA/Sheltered English Immersion
  • Massachusetts Frameworks (Common Core)
  • Community Impact Challenge MA Frameworks Project
  • Science Frameworks
  • Berkshire County Guidance
  • Arts integration
  • Upper Housatonic Valley Experience
  • Berkshire Environmental Educators Network (BEEN)
  • Kindergarten assessment
  • BHRSD Writing Workshop

Suggested Resource

MCLA serves as the lead partner for the Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program and recommends this PreK through 3rd grade STEAM education resource website to guide educators in developing interdisciplinary curricula.