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Academic Support provides a number of services to students. Below is a description of our developmental math course:

SKIL-096 - Math for College (3 additive credits). Provides the means for students to develop mathematical literacy by reviewing computational skills, selected algebraic functions, and other selected math topics. Students will acquire quantitative sense and confidence to prepare for core curriculum or foundation courses in quantitative skills. Course includes initial diagnostic placement test, which determines specific content units to be covered. The course is individualized and includes small and large group instruction.

Students are enrolled in this course based on high school math grades, SAT/ACT math subtest scores and intended college major.

Credits: Courses with a subject abbreviation of SKIL are awarded additive credits. These credits are not used to meet graduation requirements. However, the grades earned in SKIL courses are calculated into the student's GPA.  They also count towards a student's full time enrollment status.

Grades in SKIL courses: Standard letter grade notations are used in SKIL courses.  

Academic Support staff members are available to assist with academic advising and planning.

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