CAGS:  Courses

CAGS/ADMN 806 Review of the Field in Ed. Admn:  Provides an overview of the current research basis for issues in Educational Administration. Historical and contemporary works will be reviewed across several Educational Administrative perspectives dealing with topics such as leadership, decision making, finance, organizational culture/structures, personnel, decision making, coping with change, Federal and State Governments and issues of local control, among other topics. 

The educational administrator will be able to:

  1. apply theories of Educational Administration to their own educational setting;
  2. identify and analyze administrative paradigms being used within their own educational setting;
  3. locate, identify and analyze current research finding within the field that relate to their own as well as other educational settings;
  4. compare and contrast the current theoretical field and/or the current research base as it relates to their own educational setting;
  5. within their own educational settings evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of fit of the current systems and paradigms being currently used in the field;
  6. generate (district or school wide) policy which reflects how to facilitate the movement of their own educational setting to best reflect current momentum in the field.

CAGS/ADMN 902 Seminar II:  Provides students opportunities for syntheses of their overall program by offering a forum in which students may discuss and integrate their experiences in the CAGS program, their knowledge of schools, and their skills in research so that they will be better prepared to deal with the issues of improving teaching and learning. This experience will also guide students though their culminating project in the CAGS program. 

Each student will:

  1. revise their self-examination of values and beliefs about education;
  2. provide a written synthesis of their completed program;
  3. facilitate participative group discussions and activities based on their culminating project and/or experiences during their program;
  4. complete a personal plan for continuing professional development;
  5. assess their own strengths and weaknesses.

CAGS/ADMN 981 Action Research Seminar:  Provides background, theory, issues, design and implementation of an action research project employed in the study of an educational problem. Required of all CAGS candidates, this course meets regularly and includes formal presentations, group discussions, and individual advising regarding theories, methods, analyses, and purpose of action research. 

Each student will:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the assumptions and characteristics of action research through implementing an action research design;
  2. identify the problems and design of action plans to be implemented within the students' work settings;
  3. implement an action research plan, including the systematic acquiring, recording, analysis, and interpretation of data related to the action plan;
  4. synthesize related literature to their action plan;
  5. evaluate action research for critical use within the students' own settings.