Leadership Academy

How to Apply for Massachusetts Initial Administrator License

Please follow all the steps below in order to apply for your MA administrator license.

1. Log in to your MA Educator Licensure and Recruitment (ELAR) account:

2.  Apply for your Initial administrator license as well as your Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) endorsement and pay the license application fee on ELAR before you complete the program.

!!Be sure to apply for the correct license and grade level!!

3. During the final summer residency, complete and submit the Request for Licensure Recommendation to the MCLA Coordinator of Educator Licensure and Placement. This information is required for MCLA to recommend you for licensure.

4. Complete all requirements of the Leadership Academy program at MCLA.

5. The license endorsement statement is placed on your transcript after you have completed all requirements successfully and is a permanent part of your official transcript. Once the statement appears on your transcript, request that the Registrar's Office send an official transcript to DESE. The instructions are online at

!!Do not request a transcript before the endorsement has appeared. You can check on Self-Service Banner to see if the endorsement is on your transcript.

Once the above requirements are met, the Education Office will process your electronic endorsement in ELAR. While waiting for DESE to process your license, you can provide a print-out of your pending license status from ELAR and/or your transcript to show employers that your licensure requirements have been completed.

NOTE: If you do not complete all the above steps, your license will not be approved.

For more information contact Nancy Pearlman, Coordinator of Educator Licensure and Placement, Mark Hopkins 205,, 413-662-5522.