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What is Assessment?  

Assessment is a process that involves defining goals, systematic measurement of them, review and use of the information collected for the purpose of improving student learning and institutional effectiveness. Assessment itself does not lead to improvement and effectiveness, but actions based on assessment results can.

Assessment Graphic

Most of us already use assessment in our personal and professional lives.  We set goals for ourselves, receive feedback about our progress towards them, and use that to make necessary adjustments to keep ourselves on track.  In our professional lives we use feedback about what we do and how we are doing it, then use that input to make improvements.  

In higher education assessment is used at the classroom level to determine how well students are achieving the stated learning goals of the course.  At the program level assessment is used to determine if a program is fulfilling its goals.  At the institutional level it is used to determine how effective an institution is in meeting its goals.

Why do Assessment?

How do we know our students are learning what we want them to learn?  The ability of an institution to document the answer to that question is a requirement for continued accreditation, but it is also a question that should be asked because it speaks to the fundamental teaching mission of higher education.

Nine Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning 

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

MCLA faculty members engage in onging and systematic assessment of program learnig outcomes.  Assessment is conducted in the Core and in academic majors.  Most programs cycle through their outcomes over 2-3 years, assessing one learning outcome each semester.   The process uses authentic assessment, that is an examination of student work.  Faculty score the work according to agreed upon process at the program level and come together at the end of the semester to review the results and discuss ways to use them to enhance learning.  The Chair/Domain Leader completes a brief assessment report summarizing the work.  Reports are used as part of the documentation required for Program Review and for institutional accreditation by NEASC.  The Assessment Advisory Group periodically reviews the reports and provides input on the strength of the process.

Assessment Vocabulary

Assessment Report Template

Core Assessment Report Template

Program Learning Outcomes