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Assessment Advisory Group (AAG)


The Assessment Advisory Group is an institutional body comprised of faculty and administrators that reviews institutional assessment procedures to determine their effectiveness and makes recommendations for changes to the President.  In addition, it examines assessment data to determine the extent to which the institution is meeting its strategic goals.

Ongoing Goals

  • To review the institutional assessment plan on a regular basis.
  • To promote and support the LEAP goals.
  • To review assessment procedures, including those for program review, core curriculum, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that support student learning, and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • To build capacity in assessment throughout the college
  • To review the recommendations of its sub-groups and advise on action steps.
  • To advise on linking assessment, planning, and resource allocation.
  • To encourage the use of assessment results to enhance academic practices, student performance and institutional effectiveness.
  • To promote a culture of evidence to support institutional goals.


AAG Resource Packet

2013-2014 Members

Kristina Bendikas
Cynthia Brown
Mark Cohen
Charlotte Degen
Lisa Donovan
Ely Janis
Monica Joslin
David Langston
Paul LeSage
Emily Mooney
Celia Norcross
Nancy Ovitsky
Christopher Thomas
Adrienne Wootters
Jason Canales, Staff Support