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Program Review 

Internal Program Review

In 2004 MCLA instituted an academic program review process. Faculty in each of our academic majors participate in this process, which calls for internal and external assessment every seven years. Each year 2-3 programs are reviewed. The results of assessments undertaken for the review and the recommendations for improvement are reviewed by the department faculty and administration.

Program Review Handbook

Program Review Schedule

Undergraduate Academic Program Student Learning Outcomes

Academic Department and Program Action Plan Template


Externally Mandated Reviews

Two of our programs have been reviewed in a different process. First, our Education major - which is subject to significant state-mandated policies and procedures - undergoes a review overseen by the State Department of Education. Secondly, at the request of the Department of Higher Education, all of the business administration programs in the Massachusetts State College system have undergone a special review.

Review of Administrative Units

Program review is not exclusive to academic programs. It has also been practiced by our student affairs division, our computer services, and facilities operations.