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Coming this year!

In spring 2015 MCLA will administer the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) to all freshmen and seniors. 

The survey measures engagement - the time and effort that students put into learning and how well the institution provides the support to cultivate that engagement.  Research has shown that strong engagement is linked to learning.

Over 1,500 colleges and universities have participated in the survey since it was first administered in 2000. MCLA administers the survey every three years and uses the information gained, in conjunction with data from other sources, to identify areas of strength and need.


 Major Institutional Surveys of Students        




 Target Population

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)   

To measure the engagement of students in a variety of academic and co-curricular activities

Every three years

Freshmen and seniors

Cooperative Institute Research Program (CIRP) Freshmen Survey 

 To collect information on freshmen characteristics

Every two years

 Entering Freshmen

Alumni Survey - 5 years out  

 To learn about the success of our recent alums


Every fall 


Alumni Survey - 1 year out  

To learn about the success of our recent alums


Every spring