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March 12 through March 22, 2015


A Multinational, Historical, and Cultural Tour of CHINA: Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai in partnership with Shanghai University of International Business and Economics and the World Trade Organization.


“The relationship between the United States and China will shape the 21st century” President Obama




The three (3) credits Travel Course Multi National Corporate and Cultural Study Tour, “CHINA EXPERIENCE” is offering the opportunity to study through travel. China was once deemed the sleeping giant, however, the giant has awoken.  One of the world’s oldest 5000 years civilizations, China has evolved into a 21st century global economic leader.  This course insures that students are exposed to China’s history and culture, while enabling them with knowledge and experience to perform in the global economy. China Experience includes a multi-national corporate tour of Shanghai, the centre of China’s economic resurgence, and culture exchanges in Xi’an, Beijing, and Suzhou.

China is now the world's most populous Nation and the fastest-growing major economy, a manufacturing and business superpower, and a key player in the new global politics of the 21st century.

Former President Mary Grant enthusiastically believes in strengthening our institutional links with Chinese  universities, and especially with Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT), a highly respected institution, associated with World trade Organization Consultation Center which produces Annual Economic Report to the President. China is an emerging giant with a history as long as over 5000 years, contains 1/14 of the world’s land area, about the same size as USA and is the most populated country on earth with its 1.3 billion people. Since its economic reform and opening up to the outside world policy that started in 1979, it has attracted more and more attention of other countries and regions throughout the world.

“Today’s China effectively came into being on October 1, 1949, bringing stability and unity to a shattered Nation with a long history of civil wars and foreign subordination. The 1950’s saw the dismantling of Capitalism, only to be eroded by the consequences of the great Leap Forward in 1958. Millions perished as a result of a variety of social, economic, and land reforms. Deng Xiaoping launched China on to the world scene after taking power in 1978, setting up coastal zones for economic development and promoting private  enterprise. Following his death in 1997, Jiang Zemin presided over a radical restructuring of industry, rapid urbanization, and integration of the nation’s economy into the world economy. President Hu Jintao, after taking over in 2002 , set the economic objective to quadruple the 2002 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by year 2020 and to lead China to become a “well- off society” by year 2040. China has reinvented itself; economically, politically, and socially within the last two decades in a manner not seen before anywhere in the World.

The effect of opening up to the outside world have been dramatic for both China and the World, and while a communist theme still prevails , most Chinese “value spending power over political power.” There has been a huge shift from production to consumption issues and an emphasis on individual autonomy rather than reliance on the State. If anyone still thinks of China as a communist country with a centrally planned economy (which is true), they simply need to visit the fabric market in Shanghai which could be described as entrepreneurship on steroids.” Vinod Jain

“My undergraduate experience made me understand the value of a broad liberal education that is, an education that exposes you to many forms of human knowledge and accomplishment, teaches you to think in several different ways, and inspires the joy of learning,”

“China is of special importance, not just because of our deep connections and long history, but also because it
is, I think, destined to become the second strongest economic power in the world over the next 20 years or so,”

“China is a country with a history of valuing education and rewarding merit that is unusual among developing countries. There’s a culture of educational attainment that suggests to me that China will be at the forefront not only economically, but educationally as well. The Chinese governments are investing on an unprecedented scale in their top universities, and soon, many of these universities will take their place among the worlds greatest. It is in our best interest to develop partnerships with these universities, and together, we can reach goals that would be unattainable on our own.”

“To prepare for leadership in today’s world, I firmly believe that it is more necessary than ever for our students to be knowledgeable about cultures and societies with norms and Values other than our own”

"We live in an interdependent global society, and we must be prepared to interact in this society and to be aware of the tremendous opportunities this world has to offer. I believe that our university must encourage its students to experience other countries as well as to study them in the class-room.”
Richard Levin, president of Yale University

An early pioneer of American space travel, Frank Borman once commented that the “Exploration is really the essence of the American spirit.”  This applies to each of us, that, those who experience the most growth in life are those bold enough to explore the discomforts of the Unknown. Often what is gained in those moments of inquiry is an awakening coupled with a deeper sense of identity and place in the larger world. The essence of exploration will confirm and sustain these underlying values. It will assure that   our students will move forward with confidence to confront the new and future challenges.



Date          Itinerary
1    3/12    Albany, NY /Beijing
Crossing the International Date Line you will lose one calendar day.

2    3/13    Arrive Beijing, Dinner
Upon your arrival at Beijing International Airport we will be met, greet and transfer to your Hotel

3    3/14    Beijing    AB /L /D
Today, introduction to China’s capital begins with a tour of Tian An Men Square and Ming Dynasty extravagance at the Forbidden City’s Imperial Palace including the admission to living quarters, museum and jewelry sections.

Lunch at local restaurant.

This afternoon our tour takes us back to the old days of Beijing tour of the ancient Hutong neighborhoods. “Hutong” is a Chinese name for the ancient city alleys or lanes, built in the Yuan Dynasty (about 700 years ago). Hundreds of courtyard houses were built on each side of the hutongs; today most are found in the area near the Forbidden City. We’ll gain insight into historic Beijing as we ride in an old-fashioned pedicab along the ancient narrow street.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

4    3/15    Beijing    AB /L /D
This morning highlights of our tour as we scroll on the ancient ramparts of the astonishing Great Wall. Take a cable car up to the mountain, walk along the wall as it winds across the mountain northest of Beijing.

Olympic site of the iconic Bird’s Nest –the Beijing National Stadium – host to many spectacular events of 2008 Summer Olympics and Water cube outside.

Lunch at local restaurant.

Peking duck dinner at a local restaurant followed by the show “The Legend of Kung Fu Performance.

5    3/16    Beijing to Xi’an    AB /D
Morning free until transfer to the airport for our flight to Xian.

Departure transfer to the airport for flight to Xian.  Arrival transfer to the hotel.

Dinner at local restaurant.

6    3/17    Xian    AB /L /D
Today we’ll view the army of the life sized terracotta warriors that have been standing guard by the tomb of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang for over 2,000 years.  View the Circle Vision Movie and Bronze Chariot.

Afternoon  tour  the  large  Wild  Goose  Pagoda  and  the  Xian  History Museum and Xian Great Masque.
Dinner at local restaurant.

7    3/18    Xian to Shanghai    AB /D
Visit to the City Wall before transfer to the airport  for flight to Shanghai. Lunch.
Arrive Shanghai transfer to hotel.

Dinner at local restaurant.

8    3/19    Shanghai    AB/ L/ D
This morning visit the Urban Planning Exhibition Center showing the old, new and future Shanghai, then to Shanghai Museum with its remarkable dynastic artifacts. Continue to Yu Garden.

Chinese Lunch at local restaurant.

Afternoon a half day walking tour through the Bund and the former French Concession.
Dinner at a local restaurant.
This evening a dramatic acrobatic show is planned.

9    3/20    Shanghai    AB/ L/ D
Suzhou Day Tour

10    3/21    Shanghai    AB
11   3/22      WTO CENTER Shanghai    AB/ L
Departure transfer to the airport for flight home.

Meal Code:  
AB  = American Breakfast
L = Lunch
D = Dinner


Total cost: $ 2999.00

(Single Supplement $600.00 per person)     

China Tour includes: Round Trip transportation from Albany, NY to China by UA/ CONTINENTAL AIR LINE; Air transportation in China from Beijing to Xian; and Xian to Shanghai; by AIR CHINA; 5 Star Hotel accommodations, Meals, Entrance fee to Historical and Cultural sights and museum fees.