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Travel Courses 

Expand Your Horizons, Study Off Campus

We encourage you to enroll in a travel course - take advantage of what we have to offer.  This is an excellent opportunity to combine travel and study.

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Our travel courses are academic courses that also meet regularly on campus before and following travel. They include an academic experience of reading, research, and reporting. The courses are typically junior-level, carry three upper-level credits toward graduation, and are an excellent opportunity to combine travel and study.

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Spring 2019 Travel Courses

ENVI 355: Everglades and South Florida
January 12-21, 2019
Dr. Dan Shustack

TRVL 300: China Travel Course
March 14-24, 2019
Professors Ben Kahn and Tom Whalen

TRVL 300: South Africa Travel Course
March 14-25, 2019
Dr. Anna Jaysane-Darr

TRVL 300: Cartagena, Colombia Travel Course
March 15-25, 2019
Dr. Mariana Bolivar Rubin

TRVL 300: Ireland Travel Course
March 16-25, 2019
Dr. Anthony Daly

TRVL 300: Mexico Travel Course
March 15-25, 2019
Dr. David Cupery

Spring 2018 Travel Courses

ENGL372/372H: Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Britain
March 09-19, 2018
Dr. Rosanne Denhard

TRVL 300: Paris and Comparative Cultural Policy
March 10-16, 2018
Prof. Diane Scott

BIOL 424: Field Studies in Marine Biology
March 11-28, 2018
Dr. Anne Goodwin

ENVI 350: Sonoran Desert and the Arizona Borderlands
March 8-20, 2018
Dr. Dan Shustack 

TRVL 300: Civil Rights Trip
March 9-17, 2018
Dr. Ely Janis

TRVL 300: Cuba Travel Course
March 9-19, 2018
Dr. David Cupery

TRVL 300: Japan Travel Course
March 8-19, 2018
Dr. Kailai Huang

TRVL 300: Queer San Francisco
March 10-17, 2018
Dr. Sumi Colligan

Previous Travel Courses:

Ecology and Management of the Adirondack Park - Dr. Elena Traister Fall 2017

Peru Travel Course - Dr. David Cupery Spring 2017

Queer San Francisco - Dr. Sumi Colligan Spring 2017

Everglades and South Florida - Dr. Dan Shustack Spring 2017

Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Britain - Dr. Rosanne Denhard Spring 2016

Ireland Travel Course - Dr. Anthony Daly Spring 2016

Japan Travel Course - Dr. Kailai Huang Spring 2016

Field Studies in Marine Biology - Dr. Anne Goodwin Spring 2016

Environment of South Florida - Dr. Dan Shustack Spring 2015

Business In China Dr. Ben Kahn & Dr. David Eve Spring 2015

Japan with Kailai Huang in March 2014

Civil Rights Bus Tour March 2014 

England with Rosanne Denhard March 2014