The Jessica Park Project

Current Activities

—Exhibition: “The Jessica Park Project: Ten Years and Growing,” at MCLA 94 Porter Street Gallery, 2015-2018 (sidebar poster)

—New Book Project (in progress):

Mentoring and Marketing Artists on the Autism Spectrum

Dr. Michael McManmon, Artist and Director of the College Internship Program
Dr. Tony Gengarelly, Professor Emeritus of Art History and Director of the Jessica Park Project (MCLA)
Produced by the College Internship Program, Pittsfield, MA

Vision Statement

The visual arts help young adults on the spectrum to self-actualize and form a bridge to inclusion, socialization, and the world of work. Our vision is to connect young artists with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to develop their careers in art. We will present to them role models whose stories they can imitate to launch their own careers.

How This Book Can Be Used

Those who work with Autistic individuals—including parents, middle and high school teachers, mentors, advisors, and educators in the Arts Management and Special Education fields at the college level—often struggle to understand and mentor artistic students on the Autism Spectrum. This book aims to provide them with the tools to assist these young adults in turning their talents into viable, enriching, and financially rewarding career paths. It can be used by parents, educators, mentors, career advisors, and others working in dedicated teaching and learning environments or in collaboration with organizations like the College Internship Program or Landmark College in Putney, Vermont.

The book is also of great value to professional care providers and interested supporters who are looking for ways to enhance the personal growth and enrichment of the young adults they work with.

The stories contained here allow readers and users of this book to experience examples of success, challenges, and obstacles. They can provide an impetus for young artists and their families to pursue their dreams of a career in art. With proper mentoring and marketing, many of these students can harness their talents into rewarding and fulfilling careers that make the most of their natural artistic gifts.

Ten Years and Growing