Honors Commonwealth Scholar

Commonwealth Scholar Thesis Option: By researching, writing, and defending an approved honors thesis and fulfilling the above requirements, honors students may graduate as Commonwealth Scholars. This yearlong independent research project will culminate in a public presentation and defense of a thesis. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore a topic of interest at a deep level, and is outstanding preparation for graduate studies. Guidelines for Prospectus and Thesis here (*.pdf). Project Timetable and Schedule (*.docx).


Commonwealth Scholar

Commonwealth Scholar

"My time in the MCLA Honors Program has been an enormous boon to my success as a student, and to my enrichment as a comprehensively educated and well-rounded human being. The courses I have taken in the program--and the commonwealth thesis, which has served to represent a culmination of my work in the program--have afforded me the opportunity to engage rigorously with interdisciplinary content in the humanities and allowed me to read, write, and think about cross-disciplinary humanistic issues very deeply. In addition to its value in itself, my work on the thesis has given me a substantial body of experience as I enter the world of graduate school."

Deven Philbrick, Commonwealth Scholar, 2016