Susan EdgertonDr. Susan H. Edgerton

Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, Director of Honors Program


Research/Creative Interests

The central theme of my research over the years has been cultural studies as it intersects with curriculum theorizing. My particular approach to cultural studies is historically grounded in the Birmingham School, The Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in England, which dates back to the 1950's. That tradition evolved in the United States such that it touches upon, and even helps define, many other schools of thought such as critical theories, post-structural theories, and race and feminist theories. Cultural studies is interdisciplinary in nature, interrogating the boundaries between the larger disciplines of philosophy, psychoanalysis, literary criticism, semiotics, history, anthropology and sociology. Current interest include the effects of audit on institutional culture, education for environmental awareness and sustainability, and cultural habits of mind that are embedded in traditional, standardized, and unintended curricula.

Contact Information

Office: 94 Porter, Room 4



Office Hours Spring 2019



Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1992

M.S., Louisiana Tech University, 1983

B.S., Louisiana Tech University, 1977


Courses Taught

HONR 100: Nature of Human Nature

HONR 210: Director's Book Course

EDUC 717: Curriculum Theory & Democratic Practice