Modern Languages Faculty

Graziana Ramsden, Spanish and Italian 
Graziana was born and raised in Italy, and has been at MCLA since 2002, where she directs the Modern Languages program. She holds a doctorate in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She has lived many years abroad and has studied at the Universitat Autonoma in Barcelona, Spain, at the University of Venice, Italy, and at the Hammersmith and West London College in London. Her research interests span from second language acquisition to gender studies. At MCLA, she is a member of the Women's Center, the Honors Advisory Board, and the Editorial Board of MCLA's own journal, The Mind's Eye.  Email Graziana Ramsden.

Mariana BolivarSpanish
Mariana holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic American Literatures and Cultures from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Her research draws from race and gender theory to analyze the figuration of political identities in Venezuelan historical novels, and their cinematographic adaptations.  Additionally, exploring Afro-Caribbean religious manifestations in the context of globalization and immigrant political subjectivities in the USA is one of Professor Bolivar's interests; on a personal level she enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with her daughter, Isamaya, who is determined to teach her to ski in the beautiful mountains of the Berkshires. Email Mariana Bolivar.

Louis Stelling, French
Louis holds a Ph.D. in French from SUNY Albany. His research focuses on Sociolinguistics and North American French. Louis teaches all levels of undergraduate French, trains teaching assistants, and advises students who are interested in French studies. To learn about French at MCLA, becoming a Teaching Assistant in French, or completing a concentration in French through the Interdisciplinary Studies major, email Louis Stelling.