Summer Language Institute

Program Description: This intensive program allows students and community members to gain intermediate-level skills in Spanish in 6 to 12 weeks, and get 3-12 college credits transferable to any college or university in the U.S. Small class size allows for maximum practice in the target language.

Placement: Spanish 101 is intended for those who have never studied Spanish before. If students have had three years or more of Spanish in high school or one year of Spanish in college, entering at the 201 level is recommended. If in doubt about the correct level for your abilities, you may also take an optional placement test. Contact Academic Support (413.662.5386) for test dates and regulations.

Questions? For Spanish course information and placement, contact Graziana Ramsden (413.662.5399).

For transferring credits and registration information, contact the Registrar's Office (413.662.5216).

For costs related to courses, contact the Bursar's Office (413.662.5230).

For information on enrolling at MCLA, contact the Admission Office (800.969.MCLA).