Buoyancy  of a mass

Equipment need for the demo. Small fish tank, graduated cylinder, Pasco super pulley w/clamp, Pasco super pulley w/ threaded rod, lab stand, mounting braket, several weights, string and digital balance.

buoyancy equipment needed

The set up looks like this.


Add equal masses and observe the difference due to the buoyancy of the water add.

buoyancy 2

Pascal's Vases

Tubes of various shapes are joined at the bottom. Filled with water, the level will reach the same height in all tubes.

We now have several different styles.

Bernulli Tube

Pressure verse Depth demo

A pitcher with holes drilled in the side at different heights is filled with water (add food coloring if desired) . The higher pressure at greater depth forces the water out with greater horizontal velocity.

You will also need a adjustable lab jack, a basin to catch the water. A long strip of electric tape works well to block the holes, while the water is in the pitcher . Have some paper towels handy.

Pressure vs Depth