Kinematics in Two Dimensions


Shoot the target  makes about 30 minutes to set up and requires a small step stool or ladder to hang the target. A real crowd pleaser. Instructor should give this a try, before class starts.

From the Pasco Manual

The PASCO Shoot-the-target Accessory, in combination with a projectile launcher, demonstrates that acceleration is constant for all objects in free-fall regardless of initial velocity. A target is initially suspended near the ceiling, and a projectile launcher is aimed directly at it. As soon as the projectile is shot from the launcher, the target is released. The projectile hits the target as it falls, proving that both objects accelerate downward at the same rate.

Before it falls, the target is attached to the drop box by a permanent magnet so it can hang indefinitely, even when the drop box is not powered. A photogate detects the projectile as it leaves the launcher and triggers the drop box. The drop box releases the target by driving a current through a coil that cancels the field of the permanent magnet.

The target’s initial velocity is zero, and if falls straight down with constant downward acceleration. The initial velocity of the projectile as it leaves the launcher has both horizontal and vertical components, but it undergoes the same acceleration as the target.


shoot the target diagram


Shoot the Target- Parts

 Shoot the Target Part


Shoot the target Complete Set-up

  Shoot the Target