Kinetics In One Dimension


Large  rolling cart

Please do not let students stand on the rolling cart for safety reasons.

You will need a measuring tape and a stop watch for each student.

Mark off with blue painters tape or black electric tape  equal distances on the floor. Have each student stand next to there marked off section of tape. One student will ride the cart as another pushes the cart from a starting point. All students with a stop watch will start there stop watch at the same time. As the cart passes by, students with the stop watched stop there stop watches.

Record the distance traveled and the time it take to travel that distance.

From there the instructor can discuss, distance, change in position, velocity and acceleration, and how it is related to time.


Pasco Rolling Cart

Small Pasco Carts

The same discussion can be done, using the small Pasco carts and a friction-less track set up. We have the ability to interface this in to Capstone software and project the results on the screen in the front of the classroom.

Pasco Cart


Acceleration song


I love this young women's song

Singer/Song Writer: Katie Sosnowski