Rotational Motion

Centripetal Force

Centripetal force

Moment of Inertia Hoop and Disk on and Incline Plane.

Roll both the solid disk and hoop down the inclined plane and see how they react.

Which circular objects gets off the to the quickest start, and which object  finishes first at the bottom of the ramp?

*Have a student help with this one, by catching the object before they fall on to the floor.

 Inertia of a Disk and Hoop

Option 2

Inertia Cans and Ramp

Rotational Stool and Seat plus weights

Rotating Stool and weights

Rotational weight demo



The Roll-o-Matic can

Roll this can down the lab table and see what happens.

Roll -o- Matic Can



Gyroscopic Bicycle Wheel

Used to demonstrated the fun and fascinating properties of a gyroscope such as precession it will make a complex topic visible.  It can also be used in conjunction with the PASCO rotating chair (ME-6856) for an attention getting demonstration of the conservation of angular momentum.


Pasco Bicycle Wheel