Vibrations and Waves


Wave on a string

Wave Spring demo

 Pasco Scientific Demo of a Wave on a String. This set up is interfaced into the Capstone. speaker driver, lab stand.


Spring of a Wave

pasco waves on a string demo

This set up also uses the Capstone interface, speaker Driver and lab stand


Wave Pendulum

The Pendulum Wave demo

Newtons Cradle

Newtons Cradle  Demo

Spring and mass

Various mass weights of springs with different spring constants. Have students observe the period of oscillation, which also may be measured with a stop watch.


Bell and Vacuum 2

Bell Jar and Vacuum pump. Listen to the sound of a ringing bell as the air is vacuumed out. Pasco Capstone interface was used here as the power supply to the bell. You may use any external DC Power Supply.



Springs for Wave Demo

have students hold one side of the long spring and see if they can create a a full wave. The Slinky  is used to simulate compression waves. Lay it down on a table or floor and pulse one end of it. 

Speaker and Candle Demo

Speaker and Candle Demo

I can feel it in the air tonight

As the speaker vibrates watch the candle flicker. Keep the frequency of oscillation low and work you way up from there.  The Pasco Capstone interface was used to drive the speaker. You will not need the full power of the of the Pasco Power supple here, as you may clip the speaker.


Chladni plates

Chladni’s Plates provided an early way to visualize the effects of vibrations on mechanical surfaces. Students can visually see the different patterns as the frequency is increased.

Sprinkle a light coating of sand on the top of the plate. A fold up piece of card board will catch any over spill of sand.

Using the Pasco Capstone program and the 850 Universal interface, as the power supply for the speaker, vary the frequency and observe the patterns created on both the square plate and the disk.

Start with the voltage level at 2 volts, and the frequency at about 100Hz. Increase the frequency from there and observe the Chladni plate patterns generated.

The square plate

Chladni plate square


The Chladni Plate disk

Chladni plate disk

 American 3B Wave and Oscillations Demo

American 3B Wave and Oscillation demo